5 Most Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions at BCBSNC

We know health insurance can be confusing. And where your health is concerned, you never want to be in the dark. That’s why we work hard to answer your questions on the phones, in our retail stores, on social media, and beyond.

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4 Terrible New Year’s Resolutions and How You Can Fix Them

Aren’t resolutions about living healthy? Sure. They’re great goals. But how many of these resolutions have you actually kept through the years? Exactly.

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5 Quick and Easy Hiking Destinations in and Around Charlotte

Reclaim your holiday zen with these great hiking destinations in the Charlotte area.

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Why Some ACA Customers May Lose Their Subsidy

Some customers may see a reduction — or even elimination — of the federal subsidy that you received to help offset the cost of health insurance. Find out why.

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5 Easy Holiday Hiking Escapes in the North Carolina Triad

Escape the holiday craziness and get some exercise in the North Carolina Triad.

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Interfaith Food Shuttle Profiles Our 2014 Community Garden Season

A look at the bountiful harvest from our 2014 community garden in Durham and what it means for local communities.

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Healthcare Reform

Health care is changing, and so are we. Stay up to date.


We all could use a few tips for living happier and healthier. Try a new recipe or fitness routine. Be inspired!

Careers & Culture

Meet the faces behind BCBSNC, and get to know us a little better.

At Home in NC

In the community, out on the court, or in your back yard. Find out what we’re up to.


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Let us be your guide for your 2015 health insurance options.

We're going on the road...

We’re hitting the road for an answers tour across North Carolina!

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Live Fearless

Live Fearless is about getting beyond your comfort zone. We want you to dream big, and then dream even bigger. See how some of North Carolina’s best-known sports personalities, as well as ordinary people, Live Fearless.

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Blue Map

Let us be your guide for your 2015 health insurance options.

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Let’s Talk Cost

Why do costs keep rising? Understanding where our health care dollar goes doesn’t fully explain why costs are escalating so quickly. For that, we look to the causes behind the crisis.


Waste includes problems such as duplicate tests, limited use of electronic information systems and medical errors.

Hidden Costs

It’s shocking how little we know about the cost of health care, considering how much we spend on it.

Personal Lifestyle

There is a direct link between our personal and financial health. We eat and smoke too much and exercise too little.