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Healthy Eating with Type 2 Diabetes

Eating healthy, balanced meals is an important part of controlling type 2 diabetes, just like exercising and taking.

4 Healthy Holiday Hacks

Try these simple strategies to help you stay happy, healthy and strong and still enjoy holiday treats.

Spending the holidays alone? Three tips to take care of your mental health

Spending the holidays alone because of COVID-19? Here are three tips to support your mental health while keeping your loved ones safe.

Clinic Provides Health Care to Uninsured

Through an investment in Alliance Medical Ministry, Blue Cross NC helps uninsured people–some of the hardest hit by Covid-19–receive the care they need.

Prepare Now For the Dual Hit of Flu and COVID-19

With winter on its way, North Carolina could be getting a one-two punch from the flu and a new wave of COVID-19. Start protecting yourself by getting your flu shot.

North Carolinians come together to feed their communities

Throughout the pandemic, ASAP has helped North Carolina’s farms continue to thrive and bring fresh produce to local communities, all while supporting NC’s economy.

7 creative ways to celebrate the holidays safely during COVID-19

Our holiday season looks different this year because of COVID-19. Here are some creative ideas to celebrate while keeping yourself, your family and your community safe.

How to dress for cold weather hikes

For many of us, getting outdoors and into nature has been a saving grace during this pandemic. As winter approaches, you can still have outdoor adventures. Here are a few tips on how to dress for winter hikes.

American Indian Heritage Month & Healthy Blue

During Native American Heritage Month, learn about how Blue Cross NC is serving North Carolina’s Native communities through Medicaid transformation.

Ten holiday travelling tips to keep you safe from COVID-19

If you are considering traveling this holiday season, here are ten things to consider.

Using High-Tech and High-Touch to Simplify Health Care

Blue Cross NC is using technology and human interaction to help provide a simplified health care experience.

Drug Maker’s Guilty Pleas Won’t End the Opioid Crisis

The settlement with Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin, is an important step forward in managing the nation’s opioid crisis. Learn more.


A few steps to take to make sure your enrollment process goes smoothly this year.

When pandemic blues and seasonal depression collide

Along with an extended quarantine, this winter’s shorter days and low light could be especially challenging for some. Here are some tips on how to cope.

Pulling Back the Curtain on Health Care Costs

Managing medical costs starts with knowing what they are in the first place. We support the concept of cost transparency, and we’re leading the way in making it a reality for all North Carolinians.

New to hiking? Looking for new trails? Meet your virtual adventure guide.

If you’re new to hiking and need some expert tips, or if you’re just looking for lesser-known trails to try, get to know Joe Miller. He’s our expert on all things outdoors in North Carolina.

What I wish I’d known starting out on my fitness journey

Certified personal trainer Michelle Rogers reflects on her personal fitness journey and how she changed her mindset to make sure her healthier lifestyle would stick.

Making health care simpler and more affordable starts with value

In order to make health care better, simpler and more affordable, the health care system needs to fundamentally change. This transformation starts with a move to value-based care.

HBCU investments open doors for limitless opportunities

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is not only in our words, but also our actions. We have long recognized the impact that HBCUs have on diversifying our workforce and industries.

Three questions to ask before picking a health insurance plan

Health insurance can be complicated. We’re here to help make it easier to understand. Here are three questions to ask yourself when shopping for an insurance plan.

Our Team Member’s Journey Back to Health After COVID-19

Blue Cross NC employee Renae Cates was diagnosed with COVID-19. Soon she was in a hospital room completely alone, just like on the news. Hear about her journey to recovery.

Data To Go: Health Records Should Be Accessed Like Bank Statements

As part of our efforts to transform health care, we’re working toward interoperability — allowing physicians to access patient data across practices, hospitals and platforms to paint a full picture of a patient’s health.

Three Things COVID-19 Has Confirmed About Health Care

The COVID-19 crisis is teaching us a lot about our health care system, and we will emerge from this crisis wiser for the experience. Blue Cross NC’s COO explains where we go from here.

Investing In Our Communities: Bettering Health, Lowering Costs

As a not-for-profit company, our goal is to change the course of health in this state. That means we must identify and address the challenges that prevent our neighbors from achieving the best health possible.

Fighting for Food Security with RAFI-USA

When COVID hit, many North Carolinians found themselves out of work. Grocery stores were emptied of fresh foods. Farmers struggled to stay afloat. Then one program stepped in to help.

Increase your energy and get fit with this 4-week walking plan

New to walking? No problem! This four-week walking plan will help you get fit, increase your energy, boost your mood, and prevent or improve other health issues.

College students were hit hard by COVID-19. Here’s how we’re supporting them.

Blue Cross NC recognizes the lifetime impact that education can have on North Carolinians’ health. That’s why we’re supporting college students amid COVID-19.

Fall hikes: how to avoid crowds and find the trails less traveled

The gorgeous fall weather is luring more North Carolinians outdoors to hike and camp. Here are some tips for finding and exploring less-crowded trails.

5 North Carolina Hikes to See Gorgeous Fall Foliage

These five hikes don’t get a lot of foot traffic, which is surprising considering the explosion of fall color they offer, and still get you a front seat view of fall foliage.

How to Manage OCD and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused an increase in anxiety in just about everyone. If you already struggle with anxiety or OCD, here are a few tips from Dr. Patrick McGrath.

Expanding Access to Treatment for Substance Use Disorders in North Carolina

Blue Cross NC is committed to combating the substance use disorder crisis in our state through community partners, new solutions and industry-leading approaches.

The Costs of Surprise Medical Billing

Providers deserve to be paid fairly to treat patients. But we can all agree that sending huge surprise bills or engaging in medical price-gouging isn’t right.

Tips to Care for Someone With COVID-19

Taking care of someone with COVID-19? These tips will help you reduce your exposure and know the signs and symptoms to track.

Supporting our Seniors Amid COVID-19

In the midst of COVID-19, many North Carolina seniors are facing social isolation and food insecurity. We partner with Meals on Wheels to deliver meals and smiles.

Addressing Disparities in Behavioral Health

At Blue Cross NC, we resolve to help close the gaps in behavioral health care. That means working hard to remove the barriers people face in getting mental health support.

No Flu For You: 5 Flu Shot Myths Debunked

It’s that time of year; flu season is upon us. That means flu shots. Maybe you’re ready to.

What to do if you have symptoms of COVID-19

Experiencing flu-like symptoms like fever, body aches, chills, cough, nausea, chest pain, or trouble breathing? Here are some steps to take.

Virtual heart health training serves Latino communities

With support from Blue Cross NC, the American Heart Association is training Spanish-speaking ambassadors to bring heart health education to their communities across North Carolina.

Health Care in 2020: The Only Thing That’s Certain is Uncertainty

Blue Cross NC’s chief financial officer Mitch Perry talks lowering rates for members and looking toward the future of health care during the pandemic and beyond.

Our Continued Commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness

Blue Cross NC recognizes the importance of early breast cancer detection. That’s why we work with organizations that offer hope and support to patients.

A parent’s survival guide for at-home learning

A working mom of two shares her tips for managing your own mental health while supporting kids learning virtually in the home.

No time to work out? Try these easy ways to fit movement into your day

It’s okay if you don’t have an hour each day to exercise. Here are 11 some simple, doable ways you can fit in small bits of exercise throughout your day.

Supporting Latino Communities Through COVID-19

Latino communities are facing health disparities during COVID-19. So two Blue Cross NC partners stepped up to make sure their communities were not left behind.

Five Tips to Rock Your Virtual Interview

Putting your best foot forward virtually doesn’t have to be as stress-inducing when you’re prepared for the big day. To help ease your nerves, get ready for your video interview with these five tips

This Blue Cross NC employee challenges the status quo of health care

Alicia Stokes has many passions – helping advance young leaders, staying involved in her community, and raising her.

Need a COVID-safe getaway? Two summer adventures you can take in North Carolina

If you choose to take a summer vacation, here are a few low-risk options in North Carolina that will keep you active and healthy.

Three summer sides you can make with farmer’s market produce

From savory to sweet, here are three healthy side dishes you can make with farmer’s market produce.

Six mask myths debunked

Do cloth face coverings even work? And can they make you sick? We break down your questions and common myths that have arisen about face coverings during COVID-19.

Preparing for Tropical Storm Isaias

It’s hurricane season. Find out how to get early prescription refills so you’re prepared if a storm hits.

Life changes? When and how to let your health insurer know

If you’ve recently gotten married, adopted a child, or changed your personal information, let your health insurer know. We can make sure you have the right coverage for the next phase of your life.

5 Ingredients for Better, Simpler, More Affordable Health Care

Tunde Sotunde, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, shares five ingredients critical to successfully transforming the health care system.

5 cool hikes for one hot North Carolina summer

It’s another hot North Carolina summer. Here are a few hikes that offer shade, swimming holes, or other protection from the 100 degree heat.

Get to know our CEO: Q&A with Dr. Tunde Sotunde

Get to know our CEO, Dr. Tunde Sotunde, and what drives him to make health care better and more equitable.

Planning for a Medical Procedure? Find Out What You Could be Paying (and Saving)

Health care costs shouldn’t be mysterious. We’re making our data public to help you search for common procedures and see how costs compare between nearby hospitals.

How to keep kids safe in the water this summer

Many childhood drownings happen when adults are present but distracted. In a pandemic summer, when we’re all more distracted than usual, how do we keep kids safe in the water?

Preeti Bhanap spends summer in virtual Innovation Garage

Preeti Bhanap shares about her summer internship, the challenges and rewards of working virtually, and her plans to pursue a career in health care.

How to make delicious Carolina Pulled Pork in a slow cooker

It’s July in North Carolina, and that means barbecue season. Try this easy pulled pork recipe for family meals or socially distant get-togethers outdoors.

Behavioral health care is in crisis – but payers have the opportunity to shape a better future.

Payment reform can drive the development of a behavioral health system that is flexible and responsive, especially during times of higher demand.

A Timeline of COVID-19 Symptoms

From initial symptoms to recovery, this timeline can help you know what to expect if you test positive for COVID-19.

Local chef feeds 3,000 people every week amid COVID-19

When the coronavirus hit, one North Carolina chef started cooking thousands of healthy meals for people in need.

Mobile clinic provides health care to kids in need

Durham Technical Community College’s mobile health unit serves children who might not otherwise have access to visual and dental health screenings.

New Report Shows Maternal Health Continues to Trend in the Wrong Direction

There is work to be done to maximize the chances of healthy pregnancies and births in North Carolina and beyond.

100 screen-free ways to keep kids active this summer

With summer camps and sports on hold this summer due to COVID-19, your kids might be looking for some fun new activities. Here are some ideas to keep the kids active this summer.

“I Can’t Breathe:” Racial Injustice and Black Mental Health

Racial injustice takes a significant mental health toll on people of color. One Blue Cross NC employee shares his own story.

Feeding our health heroes: it takes a village

This summer Blue Cross NC is teaming up with the Durham Bulls to deliver meals to health care workers in the Triangle.

Paddling: social distancing and serenity in one

If you’re in search of an outdoor activity that’s safe during the coronavirus, paddling might be for you. You can remain socially distant while enjoying the outdoors.

Is Social Distancing Weakening Our Immune Systems?

Social distancing and wearing masks reduces exposure to germs and bacteria. Does less exposure weaken our immune systems?

Managing Chronic Pain During the Pandemic

The pandemic is making it more challenging for people dealing with chronic pain to receive the care they need. Here’s why.

Juneteenth: The History and the Awkward Silence that Still Surrounds the Why

One Blue Cross employee shares the history of Juneteenth–a holiday recognizing African American freedom–and what it means to her today.

Summer Intern Joshua Wilson shares experience on virtual program

Summer Intern Joshua Wilson shares his experience interning at Blue Cross NC virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding The Appeals Process

Learn how to avoid a denied claim, and how to make an appeal if you do get a denial.

Need some mountain time? Try these easy North Carolina hikes

Coronavirus has altered our daily lives, but we can still enjoy the outdoors. These five NC hikes are likely to be less crowded.

Instantly feel better with these work-from-home stretches

With the coronavirus crisis, working from home is suddenly the new normal for millions of people. Here are nine simple stretches that can help reduce stiffness and discomfort.

Pregnant? Here’s What You Need to Know About COVID-19

What risk does COVID-19 pose to pregnant mothers and their babies? Is breastfeeding safe? Your pregnancy-related COVID-19 questions, answered.

Blue Cross NC Statement on Racism and Traumatic Events

We stand against racism.

When is it safe to return to the doctor during covid-19?

During the covid-19 pandemic, many of us have been told to “stay home.” Now, as the state begins to reopen, is it safe to return to the doctor?

3 ingredients to help you lose the ‘Quarantine 15’

Taking care of yourself during COVID-19 is about more than the number on your scale. It’s about moving more, getting good nutrition, and getting enough rest.

Going the extra mile: companies shift to support their communities

From making protective equipment to creating new technologies, our employer groups are quickly shifting operations to meet community needs during COVID-19.

Sensing Hardship? 3 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Experiencing Loneliness from Social Isolation

I notice neighbors showing signs of loneliness and depression. How do I support and talk to friends and family who are struggling with mental health?

What is telehealth? Doctors answer your questions about virtual care.

To slow the spread of COVID-19, many people are getting medical care online or over the phone. But how exactly does telehealth work? Two doctors answer your questions.

An Employer’s Playbook For Supporting Employees Post-COVID

Employees are experiencing difficulties because of COVID-19. Here’s how to play an active role in supporting your employees’ mental health needs.

A fun circuit workout you can do in your backyard or outdoor space

Stuck at home because of the coronavirus? This simple circuit workout you can do in your backyard will support your mental and physical health.

Facts Make Us Safer. Here’s How to Find Them.

Right now, one of the best defenses we have against COVID-19 is accurate information. Learn how to become a coronavirus fact checker.

Local theatres use their sewing skills to make face masks

Our partners at the Carolina Ballet and the North Carolina Theatre are re-purposing their sewing talents to fulfill a different need in the Triangle.

My child needs a vaccination. Can I take her to the clinic during COVID-19?

It may feel nerve-wracking to visit the doctor’s office right now. But the American Academy of Pediatrics is strongly encouraging parents to continue bringing their children in for routine care.

Getting started with a walking or running plan

There’s never been a better time to start walking. Here’s our advice for taking your first steps.

Why virtual therapy isn’t as scary as you think

Until a month or so ago, I had never turned on the video feature in Skype. I had never Zoomed. I’d only used FaceTime or other video chat apps very rarely, like if I were out of town on my birthday and my sister insisted on singing for me.

8 ways to stick with exercise and a healthy diet at home

Do you find yourself ditching healthy habits when you’re at home, even if you didn’t intend to? Here’s how to stay on track.

Helping our Neighbors and Community During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us in some way, changing our world view and what a “normal” world looks like.

Tips for managing chronic illnesses during COVID-19

Have a chronic disease? Here’s how you can continue to manage your illness and take care of yourself.

Explore your neighborhood to escape COVID-19 boredom

Bored during the coronavirus pandemic? Get outdoors and try this neighborhood scavenger hunt for a change of scenery.

5 COVID-19 Scams to Stay Away From

Scams are common during the coronavirus pandemic.

What does it all mean? A useful list to explain the toughest insurance terms

Health insurance can be confusing. We’re breaking down some of the most complicated terms to make it simpler.

Turning 65 Soon? Here’s What You Need to Know About Medicare

Now that you’re nearly eligible for Medicare, we’ll help you start thinking about your insurance options and how you’ll pay for health care that Medicare doesn’t cover.

Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

There are concrete steps we can take to help cope during this overwhelming crisis of COVID-19.

How to support your community safely during COVID-19

From virtual food banks to blood donation, here are a few ways to safely support your community during this crisis.

Talking to your kids about the coronavirus

There is no instruction manual on talking to children about a global pandemic. A child psychiatrist and mom of two offers her thoughts on continuing to discuss the crisis with your children.

COVID-19: Answering your coronavirus questions

Fact or Fiction? 6 COVID-19 Statements Explained.

The inside look at coronavirus I never wanted

Three of my family members are sick with coronavirus. They are quarantined in their home in the UK, where local hospitals have run out of space to care for them.

10 exercises you can do from your couch

With the “stay at home” guidelines currently in place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, people.

Don’t Let These 3 Worries Keep You from Seeking Behavioral Health Care

As Americans become more aware of the signs, symptoms and impact of behavioral health conditions, many are realizing that they may need assistance to deal with things like chronic stress, depression or substance use.

Benefits of Telehealth

On March 6, 2020, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina expanded virtual access to health care providers in response to COVID-19.

Experiencing pandemic panic? Here’s how to stop it

We are living in uncertain times. With the coronavirus altering our daily lives, many of us are experiencing anxiety and panic.

5 Things Businesses Are Already Learning from the COVID-19 Crisis

Life during the COVID-19 outbreak is changing our lives in ways we hadn’t contemplated before now.

Six easy tips for a healthy home workspace

Some employees may find that they are suddenly working from home more than ever because of social distancing..

How to exercise at home with limited space and budget

As I write this, people across the country are staying home to quell the coronavirus. For many, budgets have suddenly tightened. Gyms, community recreation centers, and group fitness classes have suspended operations.

How to enjoy the outdoors despite COVID-19

As the world around us closes down, one place hasn’t: the outdoors. True, some facilities have closed. North.

Our Response to COVID-19

We’re only four months into 2020 and already, it’s a year none of us will soon forget. Concerns.

Working from home with kids during the pandemic

Maggie, a mom of two, is working remotely to limit the spread of covid-19. Here she shares a few tips for managing her workload while taking care of school-aged kids at home.

Not a medical professional? Here are 12 actions YOU can take to drive health in the time of covid-19

Co-authored by Bryony Winn and Beckie Brooks Wow. What a moment for the world. This is a discombobulating.

The Health and Safety of our Members and Employees is our Top Priority

While COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the nation and much of the world, Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

How I walked off 60 lbs. — and you can, too

Walking is one of the simplest exercises there is, yet incredibly beneficial. There are so many advantages to walking.

Vaping and Your Health: What We Know Now

Vaping and e-cigarettes were originally supposed to be a lifeline for adult smokers: a safer alternative that might.

Ten Years of the Affordable Care Act

It’s been ten years since the landmark passage of the Affordable Care Act, and six years since the Marketplace opened and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) began selling individual plans on the federal marketplace.

Moving Beyond Diversity: 3 Ways to Change Behaviors to Foster Inclusion

Having been in the workforce for many years, I’ve seen an evolution that’s powerful. Things are changing. I.

Maintaining Strength & Stability for Our Customers in 2019

With spring approaching, we’re entering the season when many Americans file their taxes. At Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Hands-only CPR: Are you prepared to save a life?

Have you heard of hands-only CPR? Did you know you can learn how to do it in one.

More Than a Haircut

As an African-American boy growing up, there are certain events and unique cultural rites of passage that many.

My Life-Changing Perspective: What I Learned in the Tobacco Fields with “Mean Ma-Ma”

When Cedric Palmore, Chairman of AABEN, recently asked me to share my journey to “success” at a town.

Spring wildflowers are blooming: 5 places to find them

For the last decade or so, I’ve started keeping an eye out for the first signs of spring.

10 must-know things for your first exercise class

As a certified group fitness instructor, one of my biggest joys is welcoming a new person to the.

Take advantage of these 3 unexpected health insurance benefits

Blue Cross NC health insurance policies include benefits such as free 24/7 telehealth services and resources to help you learn about your prescription medicines.

I wanted a pill. My therapist said I needed a hobby.

Tom wanted medication to treat his anxiety and depression. His psychologist recommended he start a hobby, which led him to connect with nature via birding.

Prosthetics didn’t match her personality. That was before the Hero Arm.

Kate took a yearslong break from wearing a prosthetic arm, but with advancing technology, Kate discovered the 3D-printed Hero Arm.

Giving Rural Areas the Tools to Thrive

I grew up in Mebane, NC, way before the Tanger Outlets became a landmark and even before much.

What’s the Difference Between an HSA and FSA?

When it comes to enrolling in a health care plan, we know there are a lot of choices to make. We can help you break down the similarities and differences between FSA and HSA accounts so you can make the best choice for you.

Hearing Aid Benefit Added to Your Coverage This Year

At Blue Cross NC, we feel hearing loss is too important to the health and lives of our members to let it go untreated.

2020’s hottest fitness trends: Which is right for you?

Need some motivation to achieve your 2020 fitness goals? Looking for something new to spice up your current.

I’m a Doctor Who Got the Flu. Here’s What I Learned.

To confirm what you already knew, yes, doctors also get sick. We’re flesh and blood, subject to the.

5 North Carolina Hikes with the biggest payoffs

You know that walking is good for you, possibly the easiest and most accessible thing you can do.

Laying the Foundation for a Stronger, Healthier Community

Living in Carrboro for more than 25 years now, Sarah Scott has seen a lot of things change..

Five Tips For Choosing A New Primary Care Doctor

The prospect of choosing a new primary care doctor can be difficult. Your primary care doctor isn’t just another doctor, they’re someone you work with on your health goals and challenges. Thankfully the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association has put together some great tips.

3 Ways to Take Care of Your Heart During American Heart Month

With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the United States, it’s time we put an.

The cure for your nature-deficit disorder

You’ve probably seen the latest research showing that simply being outside is good for you. According to,.

3 Ways Your Health Care Experience is Changing

While the concept of value-based care is not new, it is certainly gaining traction in the health care industry. The reason is simple.

A kids journey to CEO

Years ago, a boy was hanging with his friends and throwing rocks, attempting to break windows on a train.

Allergy Testing: What You Really Need to Know

With winter in full effect and spring right around the corner, we know we’ll soon enter a season.

3 air fryer recipes your whole family will love

An air fryer is a countertop convection oven that cooks food by circulating hot air. It’s a way to cook food crispy and fast, without deep frying or pan-frying in oil.

What you need to know about Coronavirus

Learn more about coronavirus, a respiratory illness that can be severe for people with a weakened immune system.

How Toddler Screen Time Can Impact Brain Development

The amount of media and screen time we consume has always been up for debate, especially when it.

What to Expect During Your Annual Wellness Visit

It is a known fact that as we age, we are more likely to get sick due to the weakening of our immune system. Illnesses hit us harder, recovery takes longer, and prevention becomes even more important.

How to choose the right fitness club for you

Finding the right health club can be confusing. With endless TV commercials, billboards, and social media ads, and new clubs popping up everywhere, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

When It’s More Than Just the “Winter Blues”

As seasons change, you may notice that your mental health does too. And while it may be easy.

4 Ways to Choose the Right Health Insurance for Your Small Business

There are many beneficial reasons to purchase health insurance for your small business. However, health insurance products and.

Generation Y: Answering Three Critical Questions About Millennials and Behavioral Health

With today’s technological advances, medical innovations, and unprecedented access to information, you might expect millennials, who were born.

Get Fit for free with Silver and Fit

Did you know that as a Silver&Fit member you can go to a fitness center and not pay a thing? It’s true!

How to Get Your Subscriber ID and Member Card Online

If you have not received your member ID card in the mail yet, you can still access your.

Make the Most of Your Health Care in 2020

Though the start of a new year always represents news beginnings, this year we’ve hit an even bigger milestone:.

New year, new you: 12 ways to set yourself up for success

It’s always among the top resolutions: Lose weight. Eat healthy. Exercise more. Practice better self-care.  As a weight.

16 Weeks…

This post is in honor of my sister-in-law, whose life was far too short, and lost to us.

Holiday Hustle 10-minute Circuit Workout

Think you’re too busy to fit in a good workout? Try this one on for size. Here is.

Important Update on Blue Home with UNC Health Alliance and Lee County

In Lee County, additional primary care, urgent care, and convenience care practices will be added to the Blue Home with UNC Health Alliance provider network, effective January 1, 2020.

Make Self-Care a Priority During the Holidays

I know I need to focus more on self-care, but just getting through the day with two kids.

A Time for Change: Addressing the Drivers of Health

Around 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates detailed the relationship between our living environment and our health in his book.

An Important Update on Blue Local with Wake Forest Baptist Health and Randolph County

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) has an important update about our Blue Local with Wake Forest Baptist Health product: Randolph Health will be in-network, effective January 2020.

Important Update on Blue Home with UNC Health Alliance in Person County

In Person County, eleven primary care and specialty practices will be added to the Blue Home with UNC Health Alliance provider network, effective January 1, 2020.

Running to Lose Weight

Running is the most efficient exercise for weight loss. Now, I know some people will argue the point,.

Our Army of Volunteers at Blue Cross NC

I can’t save the world, but I can make an impact. It was often the small and seemingly.

3 Helpful Tips to Hear Better This Holiday Season

Holidays are a big time for gatherings and parties, and it could be difficult to hear others in these settings.

Have Diabetes? Here’s One of the Most Important Things You Can Do

Diabetes is a condition in which the body doesn’t properly make (type 1) or use (type 2) enough insulin,.

Your Eyes Expose Secrets to Your Health

Did you know an eye exam can do more than measure your eyesight? It can also tell you a lot about.

Rising to Meet the Challenges of Addiction Treatment

Finding and receiving treatment for addiction is one of the most difficult health care encounters a person can.

5 Ways to Save on Health Care Costs Today 

The health care system is complex and health care costs are on the rise.

Is a High-Deductible Insurance Plan Right for You?

If you’ve gotten the feeling that choosing a health insurance plan requires more research – and more decisions – than it used to, you’re not wrong.

Navigating In-Network and Out-of-Network Charges

Whether you’re signing up for a health plan, searching for a doctor or just checking to see if you owe anything, the terms “in-network” and “out-of-network” are bound to pop up. And sooner than you might expect.

5 Ways to Easily Save on Prescriptions

A recent CDC study showed 69 percent of U.S. adults aged 40 to 79 years old, used at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days, and 22.4 percent, used at least five prescription drugs. Those expenses add up quickly.

Health Savings Accounts: How do they work?

As consumers continue to take a more active role in their health care, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are.

Why is strength training important for women?

Resistance training isn’t just about getting more muscle tone. It’s also about becoming healthier, more fit, and feeling.

Lose weight and get fit for less with Blue365

 No matter the season, it’s the perfect time to take charge of your health. Did you know that.

5 Ways Health Insurance Will Drive Your Small Business’s Bottom Line

Successfully running a small business is no easy feat. As your company’s leader, it’s likely that your role.

Healthy Blue Knows Home is Where Your Health Is

“It’s hard to get back on your feet once you’ve hit bottom, once you’ve lost everything. It’s hard.

Habitat’s Crescent Magnolia Community Provides More than Just Homes

John is one of the first new homeowners who’ll soon be moving into the Crescent Magnolia senior living.

Is It Possible to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel?

Many people find the holidays stressful. With all the added holiday things you need to do, it can.

New Primary Care Options for Medicare Advantage Customers 

If you’re looking for a Medicare Advantage plan, you have new options for choosing your primary care provider. .

Could your child have ADHD, like mine?

The first few months of a new school year have come and gone. Those “First Day of School”.

9 Fun Ways to Walk with Your Family This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to venture outdoors and explore our beautiful state with your family, on foot..

Guilt-Free Zone: Walk it off at The NC State Fair

Fall is here and that means it’s time for the North Carolina State Fair! If you’re tempted by.

Are you looking for opportunities to expand your business? Look globally.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina offers international health coverage through GeoBlue

Can exercise make you happier?

We all know exercise can make you stronger, leaner and physically healthier. But what about your mental health?.

Could CBD oil be the cure for what ails us?

I walked into the store, momentarily wishing I were a little hipper, and a little less middle-aged mom-ish..

Detect Breast Cancer Early. It Can Save Your Life.

Every day of the year, breast cancer affects the lives of thousands of women. As the Susan G..

Why Health Insurance is Important and What Options You Have

Understand why health insurance is important. Know your health insurance options, including Medicaid eligibility, Marketplace plans, and individual plans.

Flu Shots: We Debunk Some of the Biggest Myths

Flu season is already here and according to health experts, getting your flu shot this year will be.

Strength Training for Optimal Race Performance

I am guilty of falling into the trap of only running. As a busy mom, it is easier.

What to Know After Receiving A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

This year marks our 6th year of taking part in Paint the Wall Pink, an annual event where.

Every adventure for this developer brings opportunities for growth

Cedric Palmore is working to implement new brick and mortar provider practices focused on delivering advanced primary care.

Lynne survives sepsis on Hawaiian vacation

When Lynne Hamlet and her family set off on their dream vacation to Hawaii in June 2018, they.

Keeping Teens Safe: E-Cigarette and Vaping Risks

Hitting the U.S. market in 2006, e-cigarettes are one of the most popular smoking trends today. Sometimes referred.

5 Biking Benefits and Where to Hit the Trails in North Carolina

Are you looking for a fun way to get outside this fall? Whether you are in the mountains,.

It’s Hurricane Season! Here’s how to access your health care and early refills

HEALTH QUESTIONS? Our Health Line Blue (1-877-477-2424) nurses can help 24/7 (Check with your employer to see if.

Get ready to run your best race with these 5k, 10k, and Half-Marathon plans

Over the years I have helped hundreds get across the finish line at their first road race –.

New Mobile Dental Unit means more smiles in Gaston County

Visiting the dentist may not be everyone’s favorite appointment, but research shows1 that poor oral health can impact.

There is still time for a summer adventure!

Don’t worry, summer is not over and there’s still time for an awesome summer adventure! Sure, you look.

What to Know About our 2020 ACA Plans

It’s official: we’re lowering rates by an average of 5.5 percent for 2020 Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans.

Shag dancing is good for your health

Step back in time to the Carolina coast in the 1950s. Soft drinks are served in glass bottles..

Sharing Isn’t Always Caring: 5 Common Daycare Diseases

At daycare, our children learn that “sharing is caring,” and sharing germs is no exception. Children from infancy.

Business analyst intern learns Blue Cross NC is more than claims and writing plans

It was the opportunity to contribute to hands-on projects that initially attracted Patrick Schilling to apply for a summer internship at Blue Cross NC. 

How to Help Someone Who is Having a Seizure

Did you know about 1 in 10 people may have a seizure during their lifetime? With such a.

It’s Never Too Late: How To Get Fit Over 40

Exercise and fitness is a great stress relief and helps prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Cardio.

Here’s How We Listen To Our Customers

We know the value of listening to our customers. For more than 85 years, we’ve proudly served you!.

A beginner’s guide to understanding health insurance

Take control of your health insurance and learn about deductibles, coinsurance, claims, copayments, coinsurance, and premiums.

Why Having a Primary Care Doctor is Important

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are your go-to for your health concerns. Having a PCP and getting routine health screenings can help catch heath issues sooner.

5 things every phone owner needs to know about their Blue Cross NC health insurance

View health insurance benefits through the Blue Connect app; use BCBS NC’s Find a Doctor tool, and connect with a nurse 24/7–all from your mobile phone.

Blue Cross NC Employee Fights Childhood Hunger with Data

Gayatri Rathod has a contagious enthusiasm for learning. She empowers others at work by organizing analytic events around our culture of collaboration and innovation.  She is part of Tech Network of Women, an employee network that promotes pathways for women in technology.

A Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe Meat Lovers Will Love

When you hear the words buffalo cauliflower, your first thought may be how can buffalo cauliflower even compare.

What’s the Best Form of Birth Control for You?

Many refer to it as birth control while others refer to it as “B.C.” Regardless of what you.

IT employee blends customer service experience with technology training

No matter what department we work in at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross.

5 Mountain Adventures for the Casual Hiker

We love the idea of a mountain hike. We’re also intimidated by it. Hiking in the Southern Appalachians.

Latori Gregory researches ‘drivers of health’ during summer internship

As a Blue Cross NC summer intern, Gregory is working with the Community & Diversity Engagement Team. She’s spending the summer volunteering and working with local nonprofits.

We Must Solve the Opioid Problem Without Making the Pain Problem Worse

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Scholars differ on the origins of that quote, but that debate doesn’t.

Male Breast Cancer is Rare but not Uncommon

How often do you hear of men being diagnosed with breast cancer? Not often – but that doesn’t.

Resistance band workout for stronger arms, legs and abs

Want to get stronger and firmer without lifting weights, going to a gym, or spending a lot of.

Improving the Health of America Starts in Our Communities

One of the most rewarding parts of being a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) employee is knowing that our work is making a positive impact in the lives of millions of North Carolinians.

A Vaccine That Prevents HPV and Cancer? Yes, It’s True

There are many things in life we can’t control, such as the weather or growing old. However, there.

On Independence Day, Exercise Your Freedom to Have Fun

On the Fourth of July, we celebrate our freedom. It’s been a tradition for 243 years now! And.

Happy and Healthy Checklist for Holiday Travel

Summer is here! Whether you’re planning a trip near home, far away, to the coast, to the mountains.

Party Outside! (Without A Trip To Urgent Care)

With summer in full swing, there’s nothing quite like the fun of cooking in the great outdoors. If.

Summer intern Dana Afifi creates our Value playbook

As our Healthcare Developer Intern, Dana is spending the summer working on two big projects that will help bring higher quality and lower cost to our members.

Ampliación del programa piloto La Mesita para financiar más servicios de salud de mental

Cuando El Futuro se estableció en el año 2004, era una organización dirigida por voluntarios, que intentaba satisfacer.

Fresh Food Delivered To Your Doorstep with Blue 365

Blue 365 members can support their active, healthy lifestyle by ordering affordable, farm-fresh produce delivered to their home or office.

Do You Know How to Spot Signs of Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is an issue that is hard to stomach, but an important one to talk about. By.

Pick Up The Phone: Our Nurses Want To Talk To You

Dawn, one of our senior healthcare program developers, shares her thoughts on “taking the call” from Blue Cross.

3 Celebrities You May Not Know Wear Hearing Aids

Hearing loss affects people in all professions and income levels. Here are three hearing-aid-wearing celebrities you probably weren’t aware of.

A Focus On Opioid Data and Policies for Summer Internship

Mitch Haynes was inspired to apply for the Clinical Pharmacist internship to get opportunities he lacks in the classroom.

Investment to expand La Mesita Pilot to fund more Latino behavioral health care

When El Futuro began as a volunteer-led organization in 2004, we were serving a nearly completely unmet need.

Inside the Humble Cabbage: Lots of Great Nutrition

Cabbage may not be as “pretty” as some other produce, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts!.

Tomatoes: Beautiful to the Eye, Healthy for the Heart

Nothing adds delightful color and taste to cooking more than tomatoes. There’s a huge variety to choose from.

Watermelon: Surprising Health Benefits

Hooray for watermelon! It’s one of the delightful signs that summer’s finally here. There’s nothing as refreshing in.

Healthy Sweet Potatoes: Not Just for Thanksgiving

During the Fall and Winter holidays, it seems like every celebration table features sweet potatoes, usually dressed up.

10 healthy ways to have fun in North Carolina on a budget

Looking for some free and low-cost ways your family can get a healthy dose of fun this summer.

‘Fore’ Reasons Golf is A Hole-in-One For Health

North Carolina is home to nearly 600 golf courses1 so there are ample options for hitting the fairway this.

Guy Code Doesn’t Mean Skipping Doctor Visits

Men may have the reputation of avoiding trips to the doctor at all costs, even when we know.

Investing In Community and Wellness at UNC-Pembroke

(Brittany Chess, a Graduate Student within the Professional School of Counseling at UNC Pembroke pictured above)  Rural counties.

Life Changes? How to Get Health Insurance Coverage When It Does

Each year, you make important decisions about your health insurance coverage. You do the research, do the math,.

Teaming Up To Address Food Insecurity in NC This Summer

Sort-A-Rama, a summer hunger program, ensures families are fed even when school isn’t in session.

Facts you should know about Sunscreen

As the weather warms up, you may have noticed an increase in the debate between physical and chemical.

Summer is Coming, Grab a Paddle and Hit the Water

It’s almost summer, it’s getting hot. There’s only one place you’ll even think about being active, and that’s.

Fighting diabetes? Here are some exercises for you

Diabetes is a chronic (long-lasting) health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. Of the more than.

Vivian Howard’s Recipe To Help Her Dad With Pre-Diabetes

“For as long as I can remember, my Dad’s been on a diet, trying to lose weight,” Vivian.

Mashed Un-Potatoes Earns A Surprising Rave Review

“I’M PLEASANTLY SURPRISED, ACTUALLY!” Sam Jones, in addition to being a Fire Chief in Eastern North Carolina, is.

Running All The Miles: 6 Essential Tips to Train for a Half Marathon

I’ll admit that running a half marathon wasn’t at the top of my bucket list. Sure, I’ve run.

6 Health Insurance tips to help save time, cost and stress

Customers often ask us how they can use their health insurance more effectively or how to find an.

Will Miss Lillie Finally “Eat Her Vegetables”?

The award-winning chef and author Vivian Howard has a friend named Miss Lillie Hardy. They both hail from.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Measles

If you watch the news then you have seen the increase in measles outbreaks, particularly with children. Its.

A Little Farm That Helps NC Thrive

There’s this farm in Raleigh just off the busy beltline. You’d never know it unless you deliberately turned.

Shower Mom With Wishes For Her Health and Well-Being

Happy Mother’s Day! This month we get to pause and reflect on the wonderfulness of the world’s Moms..

4 Tips To Help You Discuss Your Mental Health with Your Doctor

You talk to your friends about your life, your frustrations and they offer advice. Your friends know you.

Breaking Stigmas With Education: FAQS On Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

As a psychiatrist, I often come across confusion around my field of work: behavioral health. In my experience,.

How Nurses Helped Me Care For My Aging Parents

I have the privilege of leading a large percentage of the more than 400 nurses employed by Blue.

How Your Mental Health Affects Your Physical Health

The link between mental health and physical health is often misunderstood. They’re often thought of as separate entities,.

Stressed Out? A Hike Can Be Good For Your Health

Four years ago I started an after-work hiking program for folks who sat at a desk all day..

How to Quit Sugar Without Going Crazy

Recently I decided to try an experiment and give up sugar for a week to see what happens..

The Importance of Play After Hurricane Florence

What is your favorite childhood game? Tag? Dodgeball? Red rover? For me, it was capture the flag. I.

This Employee shares her son’s opioid journey

Betsy Idol was a good mom. Her son, Cameron, was a good boy. They went to church. He.

Expert tips for getting started with a walking program

Spring in North Carolina is the perfect time to go for a walk. After the long winter, naturally.

Know the ABC’s of Medicare Now, and be Prepared to Sign Up Later

Maybe you’re a couple of years away from 65 and aren’t quite ready to think about Medicare. Maybe.

Training The Next Generation of Emergency Responders in NC

North Carolina has seen a dramatic increase in substance misuse and opioid overdose rates in recent years. Since.

Depression: Recognize the symptoms and seek care

Depression is common, affecting approximately 16 million, or almost 7%, of Americans each year.[1] People of any age,.

Heart Rate Up = Anxiety Down: How exercise can help ease anxiety and depression

Approximately 1 in 5 Americans are affected by mental health conditions every year[1].  With depression and anxiety at.

RO-Why? VO-Why? Communicating Program Value Based on Your Leader’s “Why”

Chances are if you have spent any time in the employee wellness realm then you are familiar with.

Your employee’s financial well-being IS your business. And here’s why

Our health and well-being is made up of several different domains: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial. Although.

We can do better to support working parents

As the Chief People Officer at Blue Cross NC, a lot of my job involves talking to employees,.

Medicare Options: The High Cost of Low Premiums

I came across a comic illustration one day where an older patient was being examined by his doctor. .

What Does Chinese New Year Mean To You?

Growing up, I wished my family observed the same American holidays all the neighborhood families celebrated. Instead, we.

A Portion Control Trick To Enjoy Your Favorite Treats

When I first started my weight loss journey, there were two things I loved most when it comes.

Our Employee Was Inspired To Hack New Ways To Solve Opioid Misuse

Opioid misuse is a big problem in North Carolina. Over the past year, Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Keeping Your Eyes on Diabetes: Diabetic Eye Health

Did you know diabetes can cause eyesight problems? In fact, diabetic eye disease, or retinopathy, is the leading.

Daylight Savings Time: after work adventures

When we switch to Daylight Saving Time in the spring, the focus typically is on the downside, that.

Tips to Navigate Difficult Conversations with Your Doctor

A visit to the doctor can sometimes be overwhelming. Doctors often provide a lot of complex information in.

Smart tips for exercising while pregnant

If you are a healthy pregnant woman, exercise is great for your overall health. Moderate-intensity activity, such as.

Three Ways to Spring Clean Your Health

Every spring, many of us turn our attention to the often daunting—but rewarding—task of spring cleaning. Normally, spring cleaning.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk for Stroke

The premature death of Luke Perry at age 52 came as a shock to everyone. Although the origin.

Open for play: Our 10th KaBOOM! build

Editor’s note: This story originally published in 2017. Take a look back at our 10th Kaboom! build in.

Want to find a Key to Unlocking Good Health? Look to Communities

Asheville area women training to become doulas. Photo courtesy of the Mountain Area Health Education Center. There are.

5 exercises to relieve neck discomfort

If sitting at a desk with your tablet or laptop, use a tabletop stand that will bring your.

An Employee’s Story: Spoken Word to Honor Dr. King and a Legacy of Service

This year my family participated in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s (Blue Cross NC) first.

What it’s really like to lose a lot of weight: The good and the bad

I’m celebrating the tenth anniversary of my weight loss and healthy living transformation. Up until then, my weight.

Maternal Deaths Are On The Rise, Here’s How To Track Your Health

Welcoming a new baby is a joyous time for the entire family. The diapers are stacked, the nursery.

These simple steps can help you cope with Gestational Diabetes

When your doctor calls and leaves a message while you are pregnant you know something isn’t right. After.

5 things to know about depression after having a baby

Feeling sad, overly anxious and restless are all symptoms of postpartum depression. Though this condition can only be.

Planning or expecting a baby? Ask your insurer these questions now

The cost of having a baby can be over $20,000. To put it into perspective that’s about one.

Getting to the heart of it: Does heart rate matter for your workout?

Wearable fitness trackers are a huge fitness trend that keeps growing. Many of today’s models include heart rate.

Warning Signs for Parents Concerned About Teenage Opioid Abuse

The opioid epidemic gripping North Carolina is not only affecting adults or users of street drugs or illegal.

Our CIO on her dream job, women in tech, and what’s on her nightstand

The NC Technology Association (NC Tech) sat down with our own Chief Information Officer Jo Abernathy, who recently.

Understanding what you owe after receiving care just got easier

We often hear from customers that health care is too confusing or too complicated. We hear you. We.

Our parental benefits meant the world to one new mom

Samantha Kelly was expecting a baby in August 2018. What she wasn’t expecting was for her husband to.

How Much Added Sugar is Too Much?

You’ve heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But do you know what kinds of.

Using a Village to Solve NC’s Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic continues to touch every corner of our state, but Blue Cross and Blue Shield of.

Burn calories while you cook: An exercise routine you can do in your kitchen

We’re all busy with work, family, and life. Sometimes we just have to fit in exercise when —.

Consider This: Wellness Thoughts for 2019

I recently read an article from SelfHelpWorks called “US Wellness Program Considerations for 2019”.1 With a fresh new.

5 Ways To Help Keep Your Employees Engaged In Your Wellness Programs

“New Year, New You!” A common phrase we hear accompanied by a list of resolutions. Whether it’s to.

Eat Clean at Work – An Employer’s Guide

New Year’s resolutions. A fresh start for a new year. Many employees view the New Year as a.

Carrots and Sticks: Incentives in Workplace Wellness

Are you considering using incentives in your employee wellness program, or revisiting your incentives strategy? Incentive programs can be.

Introducing Blue Premier: Redefining What is Possible in Health Care

Health care is evolving at a rapid pace and we recognize that this can leave North Carolinians with.

5 Ways to Get Fit on a Budget

When we think about working out, usually a pricey gym membership or an expensive piece of equipment comes.

5 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail – and How to Fix It

Every year, losing weight and getting in shape top the lists of most Americans’ New Year’s resolutions. Walk.

Start 2019 Off On The Right Foot With A New Year’s Day Hike

New Year’s Resolutions date back some 4,000 years, to the ancient Babylonians, who for their New Year (which.

How to Manage Stress During the Holidays and Beyond

For some, the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends, rest, relaxation. But if you’re.

Blue Connect Helps You Navigate Your Health Care Plan

Health is so important, it’s no surprise that there are more than 97,000 apps in the marketplace related.

Share Your Holiday with Families in Need

For many of us, the holidays slow everything down. They bring time with family, a fire in the.

Sensory Friendly Nutcracker Spreads Holiday Cheer For All

Every parent has been there. The kids are fussy and they won’t sit still. Suddenly, they discover the.

Passing Rebates Back to Customers to Lower Drug Costs

Over the past five years, drug costs as a percent of total health care dollars have increased 30.

New Year’s resolutions? How about December resolutions!

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution: Don’t wait until the new year to start living healthier. Start now! Heading.

Our Registered Nurses Help Find Solutions For You

If you have a complex health challenge, you know how hard it can be. You might be juggling.

Leading the Way with WELCOA

Today, building successful employee wellness programs and creating a culture of health at the workplace is rarely discussed.

Is the middle where the magic happens?

Odds are you’ve heard how critical middle management support can be to the success of your wellness program..

How to Use Informal Leaders to Engage Your Population

You have tried and tried to engage your employee population, but you are only one person!  Wellness programming.

3 Ways Leadership is Undermining Your Wellness Efforts (and What to Do About It!)

You have the best intentions. You plan a fun and informative wellness activity. You promote it and even.

Lose it for good this time: My 10 best fitness and weight loss tips

I recently celebrated my 10th “Fitiversary” – the anniversary of starting my weight loss and fitness transformation. What.

No Time To Visit A Doctor? Not A Problem With Telehealth

Two days before a big family trip, your allergies begin to flare. You know what type of medicine.

Expanding Domestic Violence Resources in Rural NC Counties

In the United States, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner. In one.

Our employees give their best tips for healthy holidays

I’ve been working hard the past several months to shed a few pounds. Truth is, I lost weight.

Charlotte Mom Opens Up About Son’s Opioid Overdose

Oct. 8, 2017, started off a normal, pleasant evening in the suburban home of Michele Trantham, a national.

How To Avoid Gaining Weight Over The Holidays

The holidays are here! ‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry. With parties and seasonal treats.

Thankful For A New Way To Eat This Thanksgiving

The holidays are a time of giving, family, laughter, and more importantly – food. Many of our most.

Rest Stop Stretches To Help You Feel Great While Traveling

The holiday season brings us together with family and friends, which can mean long road trips. While most.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Drug Prices Are Nuts

If you were going to draw up an economy that makes absolutely no sense, you’d start with a.

How To Talk With Your Loved Ones About Your Wishes For End-of-Life Care

A few years ago, my husband and I completed our living wills. Our attorney has a copy, and.

Addressing Maternal Health Will Make a Healthier NC

As a practicing pediatrician, Dr. Patrick Conway knows what it takes to keep kids healthy. And that starts.

Why the Workplace is an Effective Place to Tackle Diabetes

For many of us, a large part of the day is spent at work; in fact, the average person will spend 90,000 hours.

Poor dental health can be a danger for people with diabetes

Your smile isn’t just about looking good. It can say a lot about your overall health. If you.

Sleep – the unsung hero in the management of your health care dollar

It is common knowledge that weight and nutrition play a role in type 2 diabetes. What is far.

Do this, not that – How to plan a meeting and keep blood sugars in mind

While we know the path to managing blood sugars and controlling diabetes is made of countless small decisions.

The Opioid Epidemic: Access Expands for Medication-Assisted Treatment

One way to reduce the impact of the opioid epidemic is to ensure that people have access to.

North Carolina Can’t Wait Any Longer for Value-Based Health Care

During my first few months as chief strategy and innovation officer at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of.

Technology Dream Becomes Real For Service Employees

People and culture are important elements of what makes IT (information technology) different here at Blue Cross and.

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Exercise in the Fall

Fall is the perfect season for outdoor fun here in North Carolina. Temperatures are finally comfortable. The air.

Trump Administration Medicare Drug Price Announcement Is a Good First Step – Here’s Why It Matters

We welcome the Trump Administration’s recent announcement of a pilot effort to rein in Medicare spending on prescription.

It’s ACA Open Enrollment Time Again. Here Are 4 Things You Need to Know.

Those lower premiums are thanks to a number of factors, including the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that allow us to pass the tax savings onto our customers. In addition, we’ve entered a new arrangement with UNC Health Alliance to be our exclusive provider for our Blue Value Plan.

5 Ways Blue Cross NC is Making Health Care Easier to Understand

Health care is complex. We get it. Figuring out terms like deductible, in-network, coinsurance, and prior authorization isn’t.

One of The Lucky Ones – A Survivor’s Story

Kelly Hill, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) medical director, did not.

Three Tips To Avoid Extra Costs For Preventive Care

Scheduling routine preventive care is essential to staying healthy. It can also help your doctors detect and treat.

The Future of Health Care is at Your Fingertips

  The rise of health care consumerism The rise of the empowered shopper is shifting the way patients.

Do You Know What Your Body Mass Index Is?

Body mass index (better known as BMI) is a measurement – based on a person’s height and weight – used to indicate if a person is underweight, overweight or obese. Knowing your BMI is an easy and quick way to target a healthy weight.

Get To Know Healthy Blue

If you have questions about Healthy Blue NC, please email us at We are in the midst.

What you need to know for Medicare Open Enrollment

  If you’re approaching the age of 65, in addition to considering life without an alarm clock, you.

Medicare Advantage Plans now offer no cost gym memberships and hearing benefits

We recently announced great news about our 2019 Medicare Advantage (MA) plans! Rates will be lowered for these.

Designed By Kids, It’s Time To Play in Rocky Mount

You’ve probably heard of the term “the butterfly effect.” It’s basically how one small act can set off.

Rising in Popularity: Addressing Emotional Wellness

There is considerable focus on wellness: preventing illness, keeping people healthy and improving quality of life. However, our.

How to Recognize When Your Employees Need Help

Now more than ever it is likely that your employees need help. The pressures and demands they feel.

Is An Email Policy The Solution For Sunday Scaries?

When was the last time your organization talked about emails after work hours? For many, answering emails after-hours.

Breaking down the stigma, building up employees

Are you, or someone you love, the 1 in 5?  Twenty percent of all adults live with a.

We’re Making Health Care Simple and Personal

Simplifying health care and treating our members like family is a top priority and that’s why we’re opening.

It’s time to go camping (and we’re here to help)

If you didn’t grow up in an outdoorsy family — where mom and dad would load the crew.

N.C. Communities Are On The Front Lines of The Opioid Epidemic

Community leaders, public health experts, and others across North Carolina are on the front lines of dealing with.

North Carolina Has an Opioid Problem, How Did We Get Here?

“We are often loathe to give liberal amounts of narcotics because the drug addiction itself may become a.

The Facts about Falling

The first day of Fall is also is Falls Prevention Awareness Day! Although you may think that falling.

How parents can help kids be fit and healthy

Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States, putting children and adolescents at risk for poor.

Save Your Sick Days By Getting A Flu Shot

Build your wellness – get the flu shot!  Every year catching the flu can devastate health and cause.

Q&A: Tobacco Use Incentives and Penalties

Organizations have always been talking about tobacco, but the conversation amplified when federal rules were put in place..

4 things you need to consider about electronic cigarettes

When was the last time you updated your worksite wellness policy? Does it only include smoking? Or all.

One Giant Leap For Your Organization’s Health

I have met with countless employers who would like to make their workplace tobacco-free. We are all aware.

Coming together to confront food insecurity

As Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) President and CEO, Dr. Patrick Conway.

Investing in the Early Development of our Future Leaders

The early years of childhood can be the most influential years in a person’s life. This is the.

What is Medication Management? Tips to help you stay organized

Medication management is the process of staying up-to-date on the medications you are taking. The term “medication” refers.

Tips To Help You Get Started With Morning Exercise

As a Certified Personal Trainer with a slim physique, people always seem shocked when they find out I.

The Future of Farming in West Charlotte

West of Uptown Charlotte, the Historic West End is home to some of Charlotte’s oldest African-American neighborhoods. Anchoring.

What you need to know about our 2019 ACA plans

We are lowering health care costs for many of our individual ACA customers. Statewide, we are lowering rates.

You Have Questions About Opioids in North Carolina – We Have Answers

Over the past year, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) has tried to foster a conversation with consumers about the opioid epidemic…

LPGA Leadership Academy challenges girls to Live Fearless

What does it mean to Live Fearless? Facing challenges bravely and confidently? Taking on a new adventure?  .

DPI fights summer hunger with healthy meals for students

For many kids, summer means swimming, hours of playtime and fun in the sun. But summer also presents a.

5 Steps to a successful event

After the amount of time spent planning and preparing for a wellness event, there are few things more.

Take two of these and call me in the morning

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?  There are millions of cells in the immune.

Fight the Flu with On-site Vaccinations

Albert Einstein is frequently credited for saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and.

Celebrating 85 years of health coverage in NC

Do you remember when the Carolinas didn’t have an NFL team to call our own? We come together.

Stressed out? Get moving!

For most of us, stress is a part of life. Seven out of ten adults in the United.

Sticking with you through ACA ups and downs

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) came to North Carolina in 2014. It has had its ups and downs..

Preventive Health – It’s Not Just for Kids

The good news is, Americans agree nearly unanimously on two things. The bad news is, one of those.

Get Paid to Shop – For Health Care

You wouldn’t buy a plane ticket without knowing the real cost. But that’s what many North Carolinians do.

Fighting Breast Cancer with Genetic Testing

Genetic testing continues to revolutionize the way oncologists treat breast cancer. New studies have emerged showing that genetic tests.

School Lunch Debt Takes a Bite out of Supplies, Learning Materials

“When that hungry child walks up to you with a tray of food and no money, what are.

Addiction In The Triangle: Up Close And Personal

You may not know where the Healing Transitions women’s campus is if you weren’t looking for it. Located.

On Opioids, North Carolina Is Making Progress

The opioid problem won’t be solved overnight. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make significant progress in the.

Tips To Avoid Extra Costs At Your Next Preventive Screening

“I thought preventive care was covered at 100%. Why did I get a bill?” A distraught employee is.

The Truth: Your Eyes Expose Secrets To Health

Did you know an eye exam can do more than measure your eyesight? It can also tell you.

How to exercise safely in the summer heat – and what to do if you’re in trouble

One of the best parts of summer is the opportunity to be active outdoors — whether it’s running,.

Fueling your kids for summer sports camps

Every year I’ve sent my two kids to summer sports camps.  Many are half-day camps, but as kids.

3 Ways to revive stagnant preventive care rates

As a Health Promotion Specialist with over 25 years of experience working with organizations, I have routinely heard.

Scouting Inspires Dad To Go Hiking

Scouting is intended to be a way for kids to expand their horizons, to try new things, to.

Self-taught computer programmer sees a problem and solves it

When most people start a brand new job, they sit back and observe, and try not to make.

A member journey: No more diabetes medications

We all have different goals when it comes to healthy eating. And just like our goals, we also.

Skin Cancer Surprised Me – Don’t Let it Surprise You

There’s a scene in a mid-‘80s movie called Fletch where Chevy Chase is pretending to be a doctor.

A Path to Maintaining Good Health at Care Ring

A few years ago, Jose and his now 4-year-old son moved from Honduras to Charlotte, NC to find.

Dad bod: Should you love it or lose it?

Are you rocking a dad bod? That’s a term affectionately coined in recent years to refer to guys.

Buzz off Ticks and Mosquitos!

Summertime is quickly approaching and we all know what that means – warmer weather, longer days and of.

Preventing Child Abuse Is A Healthy Investment For All

The foundations of life are literally built in early childhood. A vital and productive society with a prosperous.

The key to unlocking untapped productivity

There are 480 minutes in the average workday. How are your employees spending them?  New studies show that,.

How To Keep Motivation Up After A Challenge

Your company just did a step challenge. Now what? Are you worried your employees will revert to their.

Top 5 Exercises You Can Do in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to stretch ourselves so thin that we aren’t able to take time.

Environmental Checklist: How does your Company Measure Up?

Are there barriers to physical activity in your work environment? Do your employees have access to make healthy.

From Army medic to Physician Assistant: Helping transform NC’s medical deserts

Imagine this scenario. You’re in a combat zone. You have to tend to the gunshot wound of a.

Successful Mentoring Relationship Tips from Blue Xchange

“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or.

Celebrate National Trails Day with One of These NC Hikes

The American Hiking Society celebrates National Trails Day on June 2nd. Their website offers resources and community events.

How to exercise when you have arthritis

Learn more about our Medicare plans and how to select the right one for you. According to the.

Doctors Working at an Insurance Company? Yes, and Here’s Why

I’m lucky to have a career in medicine that gives me the chance to see the health care.

What you need to know about tobacco in 2018

For centuries, tobacco has been a main crop in North Carolina. A lack of soil quality and fewer.

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Health

With the release of the new Star Wars movie, our galaxy’s attention turns once again to heroes, villains.

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself

Ladies – here’s an important message for us: It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. In fact,.

Yes, I Have Anxiety but I am Okay

Anxiety, for me, usually starts with a familiar feeling of dread. Some people may notice that their heart.

Want to have more energy? Skip the Latte and Get Moving

Most people don’t add exercise to their daily to-dos at work, but doing so can help you ace.

The Truth About Drug Companies’ Influence on Your Doctor’s Prescriptions

These days, it seems like every TV commercial break is filled with nothing but ads for medications. Drug.

Planting seeds that will last a lifetime

Spring brings boundless opportunities to get outside.  If you’re looking for a new hobby that the whole family.

Weak Bones, Oh No! – Osteoporosis 101

Since a young age, our parents always stressed the value of having strong bones.

Help Employees Plug In When They Unplug

While this might seem to counter the information you’ve heard about turning off technology before bed, there is.

Wake Up Your Workforce With These Sleep Promoting Ideas

Did you know that in France employees are allowed to ignore emails sent outside of working hours? Or.

Stop Hitting Snooze On The Importance Of Sleep

With 24/7 lifestyles and over 80 different sleep disorders, it’s probable that over 30% of your employees are.

Addressing NC’s nursing shortage to improve health care

Nurses play a central role in increasing the value of health care by improving outcomes and lowering costs..

How to take care of YOU when you’re the caregiver

Learn more about our Medicare plans and how to select the right one for you. Although being a.

How to Unlock Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

At our recent Tech Summit, I spoke about one of technology’s top trends, artificial intelligence. It’s playing a.

Announcing $1 million investment into NC A&T nursing program

Leslie Young is a senior at North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro, NC. She’s about to graduate next.

Our Nurses help you worry less when planning for baby

As a maternity case manager, I get to work with members during one of the most exciting phases.

Business Leaders Build Healthy Communities – Literally

Safe, welcoming neighborhoods are central to a healthy community. And that means ensuring access to adequate housing. Beyond.

Can You Dig It? Raleigh City Farm Celebrates Six Years of Urban Farming

On a one-acre plot of land on the corner of Franklin and Blount Streets, Raleigh City Farm (RCF).

“Can’t you just do it for me? Just quit, dad!”

Earth Day has always been about respecting our shared planet promoting conservation. Many Americans point to the very.

Supporting Future Nurses with a $1 million grant at Winston-Salem State University

Blue Cross NC announced today that it is investing $1 million in Winston-Salem State University’s (WSSU) Division of.

Nurses enter to learn and depart to serve at Winston-Salem State University

Micha James knew she was going to college.  She also knew she wanted to serve her community.  She.

10 easy ways to get started with exercise this Spring

Spring is finally here! Everything seems to awaken and refresh in the spring. And it’s the perfect time.

North Carolina Thrives on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The farm-to-fork movement has become trendy in many places around the country, but North Carolina was way ahead.

Sound The Alarm: “Our House is On Fire”

It’s early one cold December morning, and my mom rushed in to grab me and my baby sister.

High Blood Pressure: What You Need to Know about the Silent Killer

As humans, we believe that what we can’t see, can’t hurt us. We are wrong. What we can’t.

3 Incentives that will change your wellness program

As an employer, you are likely searching for ways to engage your workforce in their health and well-being..

Fit and Frugal: 3 Tips for your next employee newsletter

Are your employees financially fit?  Financial well-being has become a popular wellness program focus.  Your employees face various.

Why is Financial Wellness Important?

What do health care, food, physical environment, and economic stability have in common? Each is a social determinant.

Five Ways to Protect Yourself Against Insurance Fraud

Credit card scams, identity theft and …  insurance fraud? Yes, it happens. This is of particular concern for.

Ronald McDonald House: The Miracle of Hope

Life changes in an instant.  Many of us can relate to the phone call or conversation that changes.

What is Hashimoto disease? How does it affect those diagnosed?

Over the past few weeks, Hashimoto disease has received an increased amount of online attention. With public figures.

‘Tis the season to be sneezin’, but you don’t need to suffer

Rubbing your eyes or nose nonstop? Sneezing so much people stop saying “bless you?” Speaking with a voice.

Changes to our Opioid Policies

Every day, opioid addiction destroys lives and tears apart families in North Carolina. It is a public health.

Don’t Waste a Cheat Day, Tips for Healthy Lunches

It has been said that lunch is the easiest meal of the day to blow your healthy habits..

More Mediterranean In Your Diet for Better Senior Health

We are all seeking ways to prevent or slow the progression of diseases.  We take our vitamins and.

Too Busy to Eat Healthy? Try Meal Prep Vivian Howard’s Way

Celebrity chef Vivian Howard is nationally known for elevating traditional Southern dishes and showcasing North Carolina’s food history..

My ‘Deep Run’ Dinner Party

I live for a party. Always. So, when I got my copy of celebrity chef Vivian Howard’s Deep.

Celebrity Trainer Builds Muscle and Confidence in Kinston

Chappriel Pitt works as a personal trainer in Kinston, NC. He’s energetic, excited and inspirational – a powerful.

Read Your Way to Better Health

Want to help your kids turn into healthy adults? Make sure they become good readers. That’s right. There’s.

Live Your Best Life Now with Michelle Rogers

Hi, I’m Michelle Rogers. I’m a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and senior fitness specialist. I’m also.

5 great places to hike in your own back yard

It’s spring, you’re excited to take advantage of the increasing sunlight, the warmer temperatures, the season’s spirit of.

Craving Steak? A Healthy Way To Cook and Enjoy!

They say moderation is the key to life. As someone who enjoys the occasional dinner with steak, I’ve.

Easy Peanut Butter Energy Ball Recipe

This quick snack will fuel you up and keep you energized for the day ahead.  Here are the.

A Grand Slam against hunger in Durham this spring

Durham Bulls fans have more to look forward to than Opening Day this year. Today the Bulls, in.

The opioid epidemic: How we’re turning talk into action

The opioid epidemic is one of the most talked-about and devastating problems we face every day in North.

8 Nutrition Tips to Power a Healthy Lifestyle

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”1_2″][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_2″][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.71″ background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” border_style=”solid”] We hear a lot about the power of a.

5 Nutrition Myths Busted

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to nutrition and health. New studies and tips are.

Let the (Workout) Madness Begin with these 9 tips

March in North Carolina is a time when the weather may drop, but basketball season is reaching an.

Investing in the state’s next generation of nurses at NCCU

In health care, the value of having diverse doctors and nurses is often overlooked.  “Nurses deal with human.

Thinking Broadly About Investing in Health

Often, when people think about what shapes a person’s health, they think about routine doctor visits, medications, and.

Roasted Broccoli Recipes Even a Toddler will Love

I love this recipe because it brings a whole new flavor to broccoli, and it’s also a hit.

A Healthy Broiled Salmon Recipe for Your Busy Week

I love this recipe because it’s simple and easy to prepare, and is a great way to get.

A mashed sweet potato recipe to make your heart sing

I love experimental cooking. That’s why this recipe makes me so happy. It is nearly impossible to mess.

Try this easy tossed caprese salad recipe

This recipe is one of my favorites to make in the summertime. I love going to the local.

Blockbuster movie ‘Black Panther’ and Mental Health Conversations Collide

The movie “Black Panther” continues to break records worldwide. Breaking records and creating conversations  Director Ryan Coogler blends.

Everybody Hurts: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Pain

In the old days, life often began with an introduction to an unpleasant sensation called pain. A doctor.

Here’s Something You’ll Want to Crunch On

In the workshop Too Busy for Healthy Food, employees will learn strategies to improve their lifestyle, including the.

Sharing is caring when it comes to promoting nutrition in the workplace

What is a nutritional culture at the worksite?  Did you realize you have one? You do—and it not.

How to find an in-network Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist

You’re interested in working with a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN), but don’t know how to find one.  Here’s an.

Here’s What One Employer Did to Address Nutrition

We know that fruits and vegetables are key to a healthy lifestyle, but how many of your employees.

Making A Mark On Workplace Well-Being

Since most people spend more waking hours at work than at home, employers play a key role in.

Addressing Social Needs to make Health Care More Affordable

As a practicing physician, I’ve seen how investments to improve early childhood development and address social determinants of.

7 Tips to Ace Your Next Interview

You get the call that you’ve made it to the interview. You do a happy dance. You’re one.

Bringing Wellness to the Workplace

You may not know all of the layers that make up Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.

John Hope Franklin: A Historian Who Made History

“I have struggled to understand, how it is that we could fight for independence and, at the very.

What We Are Doing With Our Tax Savings

It’s true. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is a not-for-profit health insurer..

Angela’s story: A realistic approach to weight loss

We heard about Angela from our wellness team. She lost 80 pounds over the course of eight months,.

Track Your Heart Health with These Tips

Have you read Dr. Wu’s recent post dedicated to heart numbers? Your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI.

Know Your Numbers For A Healthy Heart

February is most commonly known for the Valentine’s Day, The Superbowl and The Daytona 500, February is also.

Congenital heart defects affect 1 in every 100 babies born

Last spring, my world was forever changed when I found out at 40 weeks pregnant that my son.

A best-in-class experience starts here

Since moving to North Carolina a few months ago, my family and I have enjoyed getting to know.

Managing Diabetes as a Mom, Wife and Executive

The summer before my senior year of college started out great. I secured an internship at Blue Cross.

Have Diabetes? These 6 Tips Can Help You Live Better

Did you know that approximately 750,000 adults (1 in 10 adults) in North Carolina have diabetes? Even worse, the.

Pay it Forward at A Place at The Table

Walking into A Place at the Table on Hargett Street in downtown Raleigh seems like it might be.

What happens when you hit the ‘submit’ button?

Chances are you’ve needed to contact customer service. Maybe you have called the number on the back of.

Are you sick and tired, like me?

I’ve been sick a lot this winter. Minor stuff, but enough to be annoying and prevent me from.

The Perfect Storm for a Severe Flu Season

The 2017-2018 flu season has turned deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there.

Make Running your New Year’s Resolution and Live Longer

I remember when I first thought of myself as a runner. I was in first grade and our teacher told us that we were going to run a mile, and whoever finished first would get a prize…

Eat this, Not that: Don’t Strikeout at the Stadium

No matter your sport, few things in life match the excitement of attending a game at your favorite.

Up Your Soup game with these 6 easy tips

I have a love affair with soup, hopefully, I’m not alone when I say “I love soup.” We.

4 Ways to be of service in honor of Dr. King’s legacy

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”  ~Martin Luther King Jr.   .

Music for Health, Well-being, and Success: Start Young!

Last summer I had one of the best weeks of my adult life. I went on an awesome.

A year of “you”: One busy mom’s journey to a healthier life

A new day, a new challenge.  You plan, schedule, and prepare the best you can, but life often.

Need to Reboot and Recharge Your New Year’s Resolution? Here’s How

As 2018 approaches, you might be considering some New Year’s resolutions. This year will be different, right? If.

How To Get Moving With The Family This Holiday

You have a house full of holiday visitors and just one question: What do I do with them?.

Do you have the courage to share your holiday?

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina annual holiday initiative know as Share your Holiday, is.

3 Options To Keep You On The Trail This Winter

On a hike about this time last year on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail a woman turned to me and.

6 ways to get more sleep

Chances are, you have had a bad night’s sleep at least once in your life. I recently came.

How Mr. Y found strength with a nurse’s help

At times, healthcare can feel overwhelming and isolating. Mr. Y was facing kidney failure, uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes.

Easy recipes that leave the ER out of your holiday plans

Why save your tastiest dishes for the holidays only to burn yourself taking them out of the oven?.

Congratulations, You Chose a Health Plan! Now What?

You have done your research and chosen a health insurance plan for 2018, congratulations! Most of your work is.

5 Things You Need to Know About Health-Share Plans

With the cost of health care continuing to climb – taking consumers and insurance premiums along for the.

Volunteers rolled up their sleeves this year, here are the highlights

In 2017, our employees enthusiastically volunteered to help North Carolina communities thrive. Our mission is ‘To improve the.

How Should We Define “Value” in Health Care?

In health care we haven’t always focused on improving quality, lowering costs, and offering a better consumer experience..

Blue Cross NC and Mission Health Reach New Agreement

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (“Blue Cross NC”) and Mission Health have entered into an.

5 Urgent Care Myths You Should Stop Believing

The urgent care movement passed an important milestone in 2017 when the term was added to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary..

Don’t get caught off guard this flu season

Chances are that you, or someone you know, has come down with the flu in the past few.

Seniors with dementia may forget us, but we can’t forget them

There are not enough words to describe my Grandma Bernie. But here are a few: kind, generous, sweet,.

Healthy ways to embrace a holiday pumpkin spice explosion

Something about the crisp fall air and the shorter days with golden sunlight that flips a switch in.

Be Grateful All Year: Good For the Heart, Good for Your Health

The holidays are a time of giving and thankfulness, something we keep in mind from November through the.

Providing a Sense of Community One Goal at a Time

Soccer is known as the world’s sport. This year, the U.S. Men’s team failed to make the World.

Are you outside? It’s ‘National Take a Hike’ Day

What comes to mind when you hear someone say “let’s go for a hike!” Do you envision lacing.

Mastering life skills, one putt at a time

When I heard we were providing a grant to The First Tee of the Triangle as part of.

4 Ways to Cope With Stress on a College Campus

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their life. As college students, stress seems to follow us wherever.

Month of Thanks: Fisher House welcomes Fort Bragg families at no cost

One of the hardest parts of any hospital stay – whether you’re a patient or their loved one.

The Mountains-to-Sea Trail is 40 and Fabulous

Jennifer Pharr Davis insists that you don’t need much more than a pair of sturdy walking shoes to.

Investing in people: ‘Spirit Week’ spurs pride and camaraderie

Every day during Blue Cross NC’s recent Spirit Week, I would come home from work and tell my.

Your Top ACA Open Enrollment Questions Answered

Open Enrollment is upon us (Nov. 1 to Dec. 15) and many customers are asking questions on social.

A Month of Thanks for Years of Service

“Thank you.” We say it all the time, maybe a dozen times a day. We say it when.

What you need to know about Grandfathered Plans

In August we informed customers that we planned to eliminate Grandfathered Plans. We also recently sent out letters.

Detecting Mental Illness: Do You Know the Signs?

At the beginning of October, we recognized World Mental Health Day, a day where people from around the.

Halloween Treats That Won’t Play Tricks On Your Health

OK, let’s all acknowledge right up front that the smartest decision for all of us would probably be.