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Lost your COVID-19 vaccination card? Here’s how to get a new one

By James LaCorte | October 7, 2021 | Healthy Lifestyle, Coronavirus

Doctor holds vaccination card

As vaccinations become available to more age groups and COVID-19 cases decrease, if you’re like me, you want to get back to “normal.”

The leaves are turning, weather is cooling down and the holidays are fast approaching! This is the season I love to get out and explore small towns, local events, and outdoor concerts.

More and more concert venues and local bars and restaurants are requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccinations or negative COVID-19 tests for entry. Some airlines or travel locations also require proof of vaccination. While this gives me peace of mind, it can quickly become an issue if you’re not vaccinated or if you’ve lost your card.

Those cards are not laminated, do not easily fit in your wallet, and quickly become torn and unreadable. If you’re like me, you may even misplace it…

I’ve discovered there is not one simple way to obtain proof of COVID-19 vaccinations. It all depends on where you got your vaccinations. While it would be nice to have a single database managed by the CDC or the state to keep these records, there are all sorts of privacy concerns, and systems are not setup for this. So, for now, if you need a proof of vaccination in North Carolina, here is a list of options I found.

How to get a new vaccination card

  • Contact your doctor, hospital, pharmacy, or other site you received your vaccine. They can give you a new card with up-to-date information about the vaccinations you received. If you went to different locations, you would need to reach out to each site.
  • Some may provide another official card, while others may print out proof for you to keep in your records. Your provider or pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens may have an app where you can obtain proof of vaccinations.
  • If you received your vaccination through the military or veterans’ affairs, contact them directly.
  • If you received your vaccination through the Cherokee Health System or Indian Health Service, you can contact them directly.
  • While some states’ health departments keep these records, North Carolina does not. But they can assist you in obtaining your vaccination records. If you received your COVID-19 vaccine from a participating North Carolina doctor’s office, independent pharmacy, your local health department or community event, and you provided your email address, you may be able to access your vaccination record in the North Carolina COVID-19 Vaccine Portal or by calling 1.888.675.4567.

Tips to keep your COVID-19 records safe

  1. Make a copy of the card to keep with you, while keeping the original in a safe location
  2. Take a photo of your card (front and back) and keep it on your phone.
  3. Use a health app on your phone to connect to your providers’ records.
  4. Put your card in a protective sleeve. Do not laminate it, as it may need to be updated.

Additional information can be found on the CDC site or the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Blue Cross NC also maintains a website of updated COVID-19 information for its members. If you want the latest updates on cases and impact to North Carolina check out the COVID-19 North Carolina Dashboard.

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