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Why virtual therapy isn’t as scary as you think

By Maggie Brown | January 14, 2020 | 4 min read | Healthy Lifestyle

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Until a month or so ago, I had never turned on the video feature in Skype. I had never Zoomed. I’d only used FaceTime or other video chat apps very rarely, like if I were out of town on my birthday and my sister insisted on singing for me. I was always more of a face-to-face person.

Now, like most Americans who are staying home, video work meetings (and virtual play-dates, story time, math lessons, and visits with grandparents) are the new norm, and I’ve followed suit. I even have a virtual obedience lesson with our dog trainer scheduled.

So it makes sense that we would also make the switch to telehealth with our health care providers during the pandemic. Seeing a provider virtually limits the risk of COVID-19 exposure, with the added bonus that you don’t even have to shower. Most specialties (including cardiology, dermatology, and mental health) can easily translate to virtual visits without skimping on quality.

And yet it’s still a bit awkward for some of us. We are totally cool with doing a virtual happy hour with our besties, but a therapy session from our living room feels… weird.

But let me tell you – it’s really not.

My experience with virtual therapy

I know my mental health is more important now than ever. That’s true for many of us who are experiencing pandemic panic. So when my therapist started offering telehealth visits last month, I jumped on board. We’ve now had two biweekly sessions, with more sessions scheduled indefinitely through the pandemic.

Our virtual sessions are very much like our in-person ones. I miss her cozy office where she offers me hot tea, but now I make my own tea and find a corner of the house to hide in for privacy. Thank goodness for door locks.

Seeing her face and hearing her voice is comforting, even if it’s through my laptop. And having someone hold me accountable for self-care and self-improvement is so helpful right now. Otherwise I’d go into full-blown sloth mode.

I encourage anyone who has been seeing a therapist to continue, virtually. If he or she does not offer telehealth, find someone who does, even if it’s just for the duration of the pandemic. The best way to do this is to simply contact a provider and ask, or check out their website. If you are a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) member, these visits are covered the same way they would be for an in-person visit.

You can also try apps such as MD Live if covered by your insurance. Have a weird rash? Telehealth. Need routine medication management? Telehealth. Follow-up visit? Telehealth.

Am I looking forward to when I can once again have visits with my providers face-to-face? Of course. But telehealth is the perfect option until that time.


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