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Make the Most of Your Health Care in 2020

By Blue Cross NC | January 6, 2020 | Insurance Education

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Though the start of a new year always represents news beginnings, this year we’ve hit an even bigger milestone: the start of a new decade. 2020 is a great time to take stock of your health and plan for the year ahead. Here are some simple steps to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Blue Cross NC insurance in 2020 and beyond. 

Understand your coverage

Reading your benefit booklet is the best first step for understanding your insurance coverage. You should receive your benefit booklet by mail, but an online version is available through Blue Connect. You can also check out our handy guide to understanding commonly used insurance terms. 

Take advantage of our customer tools

We provide several tools to make it easier for our customers to receive care when, where and how they need it.  

Stay connected. Blue Connect and the Blue Connect mobile app enable customers to view plan benefits, claims status and Member ID cards on the go. It also includes access to tools like an urgent care finder, find a drug tool and doctor search tool. And customers can even connect with a customer service representative in-app messaging. 

Connect with a nurse. Health Line Blue, our 24/7 nurse line, provides customers with advice on everything from minor illnesses to medications and side effects from licensed nurses. 

Get care on-the-goMembers who receive health insurance through their employer and qualify for this benefit can speak to a doctor or pediatrician through secure online, video consultations on their phone, tablet or computer. Video consults are available 24/7 and appointments are not needed. Log on to  Blue Connect to see if telehealth is included in your benefits. 

 Make sure you have a primary care doctor. A primary care physician isn’t just another doctor. It’s who you visit for most of your medical needs and speak to about your health questions, concerns, and goals. If you have an HMO, your primary care physician will also refer you to specialists as needed. If you don’t have a primary care provider, use our Find a Doctor tool to locate a physician near you. 

 Once you have a primary care physician, don’t forget to schedule your annual preventive visit and screenings. Some screenings and tests like mammograms, colorectal screenings, cervical cancer screenings, well-baby and well-child visits, counseling, and some immunizations are all covered at 100%. A full list of the covered services for eligible members can be found here. 

 Learn smart tips to save more. At Blue Cross NC, we’re committed to bringing value to our customers. That means making sure they receive quality care at affordable costs.

To help control out-of-pocket costs, make sure you:  

  • Know your network. Most of the time, there is a cost difference between in-network and out-of-network visits. Because Blue Cross NC has negotiated rates with a specific network of providers, going to in-network doctors and hospitals will typically result in lower costs for you. 


  • Understand when to visit urgent careEmergency room visits are expensive, and they aren’t always necessary to treat unexpected illnesses or injuries. Visit our guide to common conditions that can be treated at urgent care centers, and use our Urgent Care Finder to locate options near you. 


  • Save on prescription drugs. Talk to your doctor about exploring generic drug options. Generics are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as equivalent to brand-name options, but they usually cost less. To learn more about how to save on your out-of-pocket drug costs, click here. You can also use our Find a Drug tool to search for prescription options by name. 


Whatever the new year may bring, brushing up on your coverage and ways to save can help set you up for success in 2020. Have questions? Contact us via phone, email or through the Blue Connect page and smartphone app.