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3 Helpful Tips to Hear Better This Holiday Season

By Blue Cross NC | November 15, 2019 | Community Health

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Holidays are a big time for gatherings and parties, and it could be difficult to hear others in these settings.

Here are some tips to hear better in hard-to-hear situations:

Remove distractions

If you’re having difficulty hearing someone because there are too many distractions around, try regrouping in a different area. Move the group to a well-lit area to read others’ lips and non-verbal clues. Eliminate background noise when possible.

Enhance phone calls

If hearing on the phone is difficult, consider purchasing a captioned phone. They display what the other person is saying on a large, digital screen. There are also apps available for smartphones that caption your conversations. Another option is to use a smartphone-compatible hearing aid, which streams calls directly into your hearing aid.

Reserve a table in a quiet area

If hearing others while eating out is difficult, try making a reservation for a less crowded time, going to a restaurant with a quieter setting, or reserving a table in a quieter area.

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