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Every adventure for this developer brings opportunities for growth

By Rebecca Cross | September 19, 2019 | 10 min read | Life at Blue Cross NC

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Whether Cedric Palmore is traveling to see new sights or leading changes in how Blue Cross NC delivers healthcare, the senior healthcare developer understands that every adventure brings opportunities for growth.

Opportunities for growth and challenging initiatives

“I like working at Blue Cross NC because of the opportunity to work on cutting edge and challenging initiatives,” he said.

Right now, Palmore is working to carry out a new brick and mortar provider practices focused on delivering advanced primary care. The providers will expand access to primary care for Blue Cross NC members. The project is part of the move to value-based care. The provider practices aim to make member experiences better by lowering costs and increasing convenience.

“This is a new type of care model that we are bringing to the state, so there is an element of key learning as we transform our efforts to take care of our members,” Palmore said. “This project also provided a unique challenge to create a repeatable process for implementation of these types of provider arrangements.  The work is not just traditional project work but working to build relationships so all parties can have a successful value-based agreement.”

It’s just the type of challenge that makes Palmore excited to work at Blue Cross NC. The company sincerely wants to meet the needs of people in our state, he said. One aspect of our company’s vision further describes the importance we place on value, quality, and access.

Collaboration in achieving Blue Cross NC’s mission

“Regardless of someone’s role, there are always upstream and downstream impacts to everything we do here at Blue Cross NC,” he said.

Collaboration is increased by positive work relationships and combined interest in achieving Blue Cross NC’s mission. Palmore said his work relationships are “profound” as they allow him to be successful in his role and propel him to be part of the solution to transform health care.

Jet setting and Jacksonville Jaguars

When it’s time to take off work, Palmore takes the action quite literally.

It often involves getting in a plane and, well, taking off. Spain, Miami, New Orleans, and Italy are just a few of his favorite destinations.

One of his favorite traditions combines family and travel. For the past five years, Palmore, his mom, and son have taken a trip to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars play.

Palmore said the insights gleaned from traveling contribute to his career. From learning patience to finessing logistics, the experience goes beyond enjoying different cultures.

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