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Here’s How We Listen To Our Customers

By Anais Roller | August 5, 2019 | Insurance Education

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We know the value of listening to our customers. For more than 85 years, we’ve proudly served you! We always welcome feedback and want to hear from you.

We hear you as we monitor comments and requests for help on social media. We also welcome members to drop by one of three Blue Cross NC Centers and gather feedback from surveys sent to our members throughout the year. We don’t just stop there!

We remain committed to our customers’ needs and we value the feedback we receive through our Member Advisory Group, also known as MAG.

What is MAG?

We’ve hosted the monthly MAG group meetings for over four years. This group serves as one of many ways we listen to our customers. MAG gives customers opportunities to build relationships and meet employees across the company. Your feedback helps us better understand various situations that may impact care, overall opinions about service, and on-going needs.

MAG members have had an opportunity to meet and directly speak with our President and CEO, Dr. Patrick Conway. During the session, they were able to offer ideas to improve user and customer experience and hear about Blue Cross NC’s continued commitment to all North Carolinians with an innovative move to value called Blue Premier.

Blue Cross NC social media, marketing, customer service, and health care teams continue to engage with our customers to better meet their needs and understand issues they may be having. Most importantly, as we develop new programs and services, it’s very important that we have our customers at the table to help guide us so we can serve you better.

How Do I Join MAG?

Currently, MAG is for our commercial members which are individuals or groups insured on the Health Plan under an individual or group policy – and because of the success, we’re looking to expand the program. The group gathers monthly to help improve services, products and offer feedback on communications. The meetings help our company understand possible gaps in information. It also helps our teams understand where (and if) our customers are struggling with insurance industry policy or Blue Cross NC communication.

“This group is more than just an extension of Blue Cross NC, they are like consultants active in pointing out issues and solutions for all our members.” – Dawn Porter, MAG group facilitor at Blue Cross NC

In addition to the monthly in-person sessions, MAG members meet individually with employees, participate in smaller group discussions and collaborate via email. The MAG group helps us dig into ideas or issues deeper with our customers so we can refine our approach and constantly improve.

MAG Results

With the help of MAG we have:

  • Revamped communications sent to our customers (emails, website, social media, blog content)
  • Addressed pain points in many of our processes.
  • Share group learnings and insights with executives and employees so they can apply these lessons in their daily work.
  • Revised social media campaigns to include more inclusive and diverse images. We’ve also taken that feedback into consideration when writing blogs.

 “Our members voices have to be prominent when we are developing services and products – not an afterthought. The MAG group is one of the many ways we do this,” says Dawn Porter.

While we currently do not have openings for MAG group participation you can provide input in other ways. Like our Tell Blue Survey, Blue Connect surveys, and in-person at our Blue Cross NC Centers. You can email with any immediate concerns, we are here to help!