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IT employee blends customer service experience with technology training

By Rebecca Cross | July 24, 2019 | Life at Blue Cross NC

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No matter what department we work in at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC), every customer matters.

Phoenix Smith, a developer associate in IT, brings her friendly, solution-driven personality to IT just as much as she did when working as a customer service professional.

Phoenix is working on a project to build applications for the customer service operations team.

“The project is awesome because I used to work in customer service,” she said. “I know exactly what those guys need. I know how the project will help the customer service side, and I’m learning how that translates to IT speak.”

Phoenix enjoys how different parts of Blue Cross NC ultimately support customers

She saw the direct impact while working in customer service but always knew she wanted to transition to IT. Thanks to the supportive, innovative culture at Blue Cross NC, Phoenix was able to get the training she needed to change career paths while staying connected to the company she loves.

“There are so many things we can do within the STEM field. All we have to do is create it,” Phoenix said.

Phoenix loves the Blue Cross NC culture. Everyone pushes her to creatively seek solutions, Phoenix said.

“The recipe for innovation is as simple as, ‘See a need, fill a need,’” Phoenix said.

Besides, recipes are familiar territory for Phoenix.

She enjoys baking and experimenting with new recipes. If her IT teammates are fortunate, they might just get to sample her Nutella brownies at work. She usually makes a double batch to share.

 Always willing to learn and branch outside her comfort zone

“You have to think about the possibilities that will come if you do take that risk,” Phoenix said. “A lot of times the possibilities are better than you expected.”

Phoenix found her fit in IT. The friendly, innovative culture makes coming to work just the right amount of fun and challenge. Sounds like a winning recipe! IDG’s Computerworld would agree, naming Blue Cross NC to the 2019 list of Best Places to Work in IT.

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