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Pick Up The Phone: Our Nurses Want To Talk To You

By Chelsea Moravek | June 13, 2019 | Life at Blue Cross NC

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Dawn, one of our senior healthcare program developers, shares her thoughts on “taking the call” from Blue Cross NC.

Yesterday, I received five calls about everything from extending my car warranty to my kids’ school schedules to my credit card company. I often ignore calls especially those with no caller ID, thinking, “if it’s important they will leave a message,” and it’s often a telemarketer, right? But there is one call I think we all should start taking or calling back. When Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) reaches out, take the call.

Our Nurses are Calling

Did you know Blue Cross NC employs over 400 registered nurses? And they’re here to help you!

Often notified by physicians, hospitals or even the claims that come to Blue Cross NC, our nurses are here to support members dealing with a complex health condition. These nurses coach members through what is often one of the biggest health care challenges they have faced, helping untangle the confusion a serious health condition often brings.

Our registered nurses help our members with problems both big and small, at no additional cost. If you or someone you know is experiencing a complex medical issue, take the call, it could help in more ways than one.

To help understand the importance of “taking the call,” we’re sharing stories from our nurses and reasons why they love helping our members.

Sharon’s Story

Sharon had been challenged by stomach issues that made it difficult for her to get the nutrients her body needed causing weight loss which led to significant illness. Upon diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, her doctor prescribed intravenous medicine periodically.

She began struggling with how to manage her condition, the rising cost of medicine and the anxiety of it all. Luckily, Sharon took the call from a Blue Cross NC nurse.

After working with Sharon and brainstorming ideas, Sharon’s nurse advocate was able to work with her doctor to find a way for her to utilize a lower cost drug option. Having this extra player on her health care team, Sharon was able to reduce her medication costs by thousands of dollars annually. She also learned first-hand how to advocate for herself with additional ways to talk with her doctor and manage her illness.

She says, “I benefited in so many ways in addition to the cost savings.  I now feel better with the alternative option, too. Time, money and health… what more can I ask for? All because I took the call from the nurse.”

Hearing from Our Nurses

We also spoke with three of our nurses, Cary, Roanne, and Grace.

“I am a registered nurse, Certified Diabetes Educator and work as a health and wellness coach for Blue Cross NC. However, the most important role I perform is making sure you know you have a friend that cares about you at Blue Cross NC.

You may get a call from me if you have recently been in the hospital or emergency room. I just want to follow up with you and be sure you have all the resources you need to care for yourself at home.”


“There are a variety of health needs we address. Some of these chronic illnesses include hypertension (high blood pressure), coronary artery disease, diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure.

When you are healing at home after a medical stay, you need time to fully recover. You may be weak from your medical episode and need some hope. That’s where we come in to support and advocate for your needs.”



“At Blue Cross NC, we care deeply about our members. You are not only a valued customer but also a whole person. During some of your most vulnerable life health events, we call because we want to assist you in any way we can.

This can range from health events that occur to you as the subscriber or dependents on the policy. The reasons we call can be from a recent birth to major illness to sometimes helping you with knowing your benefits and resources available to you.”


Hearing from our Members

Cary recently spoke with the parent of a young member with diabetes. The family had trouble managing the symptoms of diabetes and getting to lower blood sugar levels. They were hoping to get a continuous glucose monitor. After listening to the parent express her frustration with the process, Cary was able to tap into resources the member was not aware of and assist her using her pharmacy benefit to get what she needed. This may sound small to some, but it had a big impact on her son’s blood sugar.

Roanne remembers a time speaking to a member who was having trouble breathing. He was trying to remain at home. He was eligible for oxygen at the hospital, but due to misunderstanding, went home without it. She notified his doctor’s nurse of his problems at home. If not for the doctor’s nurse working on getting him the needed services, he might have returned to the hospital. Roanne was able to assist him for a successful recovery.

Grace successfully supported a member during a very stressful time after having a heart attack. The member was frustrated and felt her concerns were not being heard by her doctors. She was also disappointed by exercise restrictions she didn’t understand. Sometimes the biggest benefit our nurses provide is helping members understand their conditions better. Grace was able to compare her heart attack recovery to a broken bone – you wouldn’t start running while your leg was broken, right? Grace was able to calm the member’s concerns and frustrations and help her get set up on a positive path of recovery.