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5 exercises to relieve neck discomfort

By Michelle Rogers, CPT | March 5, 2019 | Healthy Lifestyle

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If sitting at a desk with your tablet or laptop, use a tabletop stand that will bring your device up to eye level, and make sure it is directly in front of you rather than off to the side. In addition, be sure to take regular stretch breaks during the workday.

Secondly, exercises can help relieve neck tension and strengthen those muscles so that you can reduce discomfort. Here are five exercises you can do for tech neck.

Do all of these movements slowly and gently


Look side to side– Look to one side, then front, then to the other side. Repeat 4 times.

Exercise #1: Look side to side, gently


Ear toward shoulder– stretch your ear toward your shoulder, while stretching your opposite arm downward. Come back up to center. Do on the other side. Repeat 4 times.

Exercise #2: Ear toward shoulder


Chin tuck– Make an “L” with your index finger and thumb. Place your index finger under your chin and the thumb on your sternum. Keeping your hand stationary, slowly move your chin off the finger, pressing the neck backward to form a double chin. Slowly return your chin to the finger. Repeat 4 times. This is for the back of the neck.

Exercise #3: Chin Tuck


Shoulder shrug and roll – Very slowly, shrug shoulders up; then into a backward roll, squeezing your shoulder blades together; then roll shoulders down and back, almost like you are putting your arms in your back pockets. Repeat 4-5 times, and be sure to do the entire movement slowly.

Exercise #4: Shoulder shrug and roll


Chin toward side of chest– Place your left hand behind head, elbow out; then slowly move your chin toward the right side of your chest. Hold 20 seconds. Change arms and do the other side. Repeat.


Exercise #5: Chin toward side of chest

Exercise daily

Do these exercises every day to help relieve neck stiffness and strengthen those muscles. A massage therapist can also be very helpful in providing relief.

And remember, keep your phone UP instead of down!


These exercises are presented for informational purposes only. Remember, if you are experiencing pain or are injured, DON’T exercise until you consult your physician.