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Celebrating 85 years of health coverage in NC

By Aolani Donegan | August 7, 2018 | Corporate Citizenship

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Do you remember when the Carolinas didn’t have an NFL team to call our own? We come together to cheer for the Carolina Panthers. How about a work commute before the I-440 and 540 loops were built to connect the growing Raleigh-Durham region?

For 85 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has been committed to improving the health and well-being of our customers and communities.

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Over the years North Carolina has seen huge growth. We’ve also made a lot of history. 

In 1933, the dire state of health care led George Watts Hill and Dr. W.C. Davison, dean of Duke University School of Medicine, to create the Hospital Care Association in Durham. This group, one of the parent groups of today’s Blue Cross NC, offered prepaid hospital care to families for as little as 2 cents a day. 

In 1955, Ann Woodard Reid, (daughter of first Blue Cross Baby in the nation) pictured here, welcomed her own Blue Cross baby

With the inclusion of maternity benefits, the nation’s first “Blue Cross baby,” Ann Woodard, was born in December 1933 at Durham’s Watts Hospital.  

With maternity benefits covered, safer hospital births climb from 55 to 90 percent by 1948. 

We’ve come a long way since 1933, but our mission remains the same.

As North Carolina has grown and evolved, so has Blue Cross NC. We are using our recent tax savings to tackle tough issues like opioids and food insecurity. Blue Cross NC is leading the way towards healthy outcomes with action. We are thankful to our customers for letting us serve you for 85 years! 

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