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Want to have more energy? Skip the Latte and Get Moving

By Christy Colgan | May 15, 2018 | Employee Spotlights

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Most people don’t add exercise to their daily to-dos at work, but doing so can help you ace that next work project. Don’t believe me? Here are five ways adding exercise to your workday can help you bring more energy to your work, and after work, life.

It can improve your thinking

Your brain starts to go into sleep mode after you sit for too long – and research shows that just a short walk can get your brain fired back up
again.2 Getting up and moving around can help wake your brain back up and get it ready for the next task. It doesn’t have to be a long  

movement break. Getting up and taking a quick 5 – 10-minute walk can get your brain back in action.

It gives you more energy

Exercise increases your energy levels – and is better for you than a mid-afternoon latte. Yes, that’s right – exercise is better than caffeine if you want to boost your energy. 

More energy means you are more alert and productive and can get more done while you are at work. So though taking that 20 to 30 minutes to go on a walk or hit the gym at work may seem to take time from your busy schedule, you will get that time back with more productive work time after your break.

It makes you more resilient

Exercise releases serotonin. This helps you feel better and makes it easier to handle the stressors that work throws at you and it makes you physically healthier.

We know that exercise can help you lose and maintain a healthy weight, but more importantly, it helps improve your heart health and keeps you from getting sick. That means taking less sick days at work so you can take those days off to enjoy vacation time or time with loved ones. Exercise is also part of the prescription to ward off diseases like type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Getting 30 minutes a day, five days a week of moderate exercise (like a brisk walk) can help you stay healthy.

It makes you a happier, nicer person

Really! Studies show that employees that take time to exercise at work report that they manage their time better, are more productive, and have better interactions with their co-workers. To add another reason – they felt more satisfied when they went home at the end of the day.1

So yes, taking time to exercise adds another to do to your already full list. But the benefits of better health, less stress, more productivity and overall happiness far outweigh skipping your daily dose of exercise!

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