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What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Health

By Chris Privett | May 30, 2018 | Health Conditions

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With the release of the new Star Wars movie, our galaxy’s attention turns once again to heroes, villains and the battle against the evil Empire.  

The Star Wars movies teach us a lot about courage, friendship, family, even military tactics. But we can also learn a few lessons about health and health care from the film series. 

To celebrate the latest installment in the intergalactic saga, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) offers four health care lessons from Star Wars.

The Need to Stay Fit is Universal

In the many worlds of Star Wars, it seems like nearly every creature is speeding from one galaxy to another, fighting for good or for evil, always active. All that running around seems to keep everyone in pretty good shape, as there aren’t many obese people – or other life forms – as major players in the Star Wars tale. The glaring exception is, of course, Jabba the Hutt.

The crime boss didn’t really seem to move much. And the only thing we saw him eat was a Klatooine paddy frog. (Yes, I had to look that up.) I don’t know much about the nutritional value of Klatooine paddy frogs, but based on Mr. Hutt’s physique, I’d surmise they pack plenty of calories into their tiny bodies.

Unfortunately, Jabba the Hutt didn’t have access to Blue Cross NC’s BlueConnect portal or to our blog, where he would have found wellness and prevention resources. Maybe he wouldn’t have been slain by a petite princess who was in much better shape.

No One is Invincible

Luke Skywalker seemed immune to any physical harm…right up until the moment his father relieved him of his hand. There probably wasn’t health insurance a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. So who knows how Luke might have paid for his robotic replacement hand?

But today, if you are injured in a lightsaber duel – a risky endeavor we recommend against – you’re probably going to need emergency care. In fact, even if you never engage in lightsaber-related activity, you’re going to need medical attention at some point. So make sure you have a good health insurance plan and you know your benefits. Blue Cross NC members can find a doctor or urgent care center through our BlueConnect mobile app.

You can shop for a Blue Cross NC plan that fits the needs of you and your family through our website.

A Healthy Mind Can Mean a Healthy Body

Yoda was 900 years old. He might also have been the most spiritually serene being who’s ever lived. That can’t possibly be a coincidence.

Getting Older Doesn’t Have to Mean Slowing Down

In the more recent installments of the Star Wars series, the older generation seems to have no problem keeping up with the younger folks. Sure, the new Han Solo movie reminds us of just how many decades have elapsed since we first met Han, but he was still holding his own up to the end. And if not for a dirty double-cross, he’d be swashbuckling through a few more movies.

Leia remains right on the front lines of the battle against the Empire, showing the same energy she always had. Chewbacca is as strong and limber as he ever was. And it looked like Luke even shed a few dozen pounds between his last couple of appearances, proving we’re never too old to get into shape.

Now, stay healthy and keep fighting the good fight. And from Blue Cross NC: May the Force be with you!