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Help Employees Plug In When They Unplug

By Kelly Truncer | May 4, 2018 | Employee Well-Being

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While this might seem to counter the information you’ve heard about turning off technology before bed, there is one piece of technology you might want to consider encouraging your employees to plug into: their wearable device.

Here are two reasons why:

Knowledge is power

Knowing how much you sleep can help you make better decisions. Say one morning you wake up and have a great day at work, but the next day you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open. By using your wearable device to track your sleep, you can log in and discover how long you slept for and/or how restful your sleep actually was. By getting into this habit, you may start to realize that you function better with 8 hours of sleep as compared to 7.

Create and manage routines

Once you start learning about your sleep and productivity habits, most wearable devices will aid you in setting a sleep schedule. With some devices, you can set a reminder for when its bedtime and use the silent alarm option to gently wake you up.

There are two ways you can power up your employees with wearable devices:

Partner with a Health Promotion Specialist to offer your employees Fitbits

Blue Cross NC is a reseller of Fitbit. Blue Cross NC groups and non-groups are eligible to purchase promotional codes, place a bulk order, or build a custom storefront. For more information, fill out the contact form.

Take advantage of deals through Blue365

Blue Cross NC members are eligible for discounts through Blue365. While the available deals continually rotate, search specifically for “wearable” to see if there are any discounted devices available at that time.

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