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Sharing is caring when it comes to promoting nutrition in the workplace

By Whitney Rose | March 7, 2018 | Employee Well-Being

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What is a nutritional culture at the worksite?  Did you realize you have one? You do—and it not only influences your employees but also their families. Worksite nutrition programs have been shown to increase healthy eating behaviors and habits. To foster a nutrition-conscience environment, consider these recommendations:

Stop and Reflect

“Am I giving my employees everything they need to develop and/or continue healthy eating habits?”

One of the first steps to promoting healthy eating in the workplace is to figure out what you are making available to your employees. While food choices can be complex, simply having access to food during the workday affects eating patterns and behaviors. The number of calories consumed outside of the home (i.e., work) impacts your employees’ health and well-being. From providing catered meals at Lunch and Learns to candy bowls sprinkled throughout the office, it’s important to ask yourself this question:

“If an employee is trying to follow a healthy eating program, would they feel encouraged or tempted at the office?”

Potluck with a Twist

Have you ever thought about hosting a potluck where everyone brings their favorite healthy dish to share? The benefit goes beyond giving employees new ideas for healthy recipes. It also fosters camaraderie. There’s no harm in a little friendly competition. Host a healthy chili cook-off and judge recipes with healthy substitutions.

Another creative solution is to hold healthy brown bag lunches with leaders. This encourages people to pack their lunches and shows leadership’s commitment to wellness.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

You can visit an in-network licensed dietitian for free! Nutrition consultations are a covered preventive care service for many members and are often unused. Any member, with or without a condition, can work with an in-network dietitian. Work with your Health Promotion Specialist to understand which benefits are available and how to help employees find an in-network licensed dietitian. This can help your employees get the support they need to begin or maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

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