Since most people spend more waking hours at work than at home, employers play a key role in the health and well-being of their workforce.

Whether you are a wellness “team” of one –or twenty–solving the wellness problem can be challenging.

There’s always competing priorities, budgets tightening and a flood of (sometimes contradicting) research.

HealthPromotion News is a monthly resource to help HR Professionals create or maintain a culture of well-being at their worksite. Within it you’ll find:

  • Actionable tips and tricks to use in your workplace
  • Real examples of things other organizations have done
  • Upcoming health observances or webinars
  • And more!

This resource is created by well-being experts with 175+ years of combined experience in the health and well-being field.

Team credentials include MHA, MS, RD, CPT, LDN, ACSM, HFS, CHES, CWWS, CSSD, CSCS, CCWC and more. 

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Kelly Truncer

About Kelly Truncer

Kelly Truncer is a Health Promotion Specialist at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. She believes that every day should be celebrated. When she’s not at work, traveling, or playing with her four-legged fur baby you can find her serving the community.