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What happens when you hit the ‘submit’ button?

By Samantha Poole | February 5, 2018 | Careers & Culture

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Chances are you’ve needed to contact customer service. Maybe you have called the number on the back of your ID card to ask a question during enrollment. Maybe you opened a chat or even messaged us on Facebook. Have you ever wondered what happens after you hit the ‘submit’ button? 

Get to know the key players who work to treat you like family and find solutions to your toughest questions

Our Intra-day team monitors real-time traffic.

Our forecasting team reviews historical call data and identify call trends.

Our scheduling team works with the forecasting team to determine how many Customer Service Professionals we may need at any given time.

For example, when we make changes like extended hours during open enrollment, those times aren’t a shot in the dark. Our decisions are influenced by our skilled forecasters.

“They look at historical call data including call volume, arrival patterns, the average length of calls and upcoming drivers anticipated to impact either volume or call handle time,” said Julie, manager of the Command Center. “It’s truly a science paired with an art.”

Transforming to a Consumer Experience (CX) Center

In the coming months, we’ll have new, more advanced technology which will bring a more efficient and positive consumer experience.

‘Virtual hold’ is an example of our technology offering that provides a better consumer experience. A caller can select the option to have their place in line held without actually waiting on the phone. Julie said they’ll receive a callback once someone becomes available. “Callers also have the opportunity to schedule a time to be contacted, as opposed to waiting on hold.”

“When we move to an Omni-channel environment, if you chat online with a customer service professionals and then decide that you actually want to discuss your situation by phone instead, the professional who takes that call will know what was discussed during the chat. Data will flow to and from each channel,” Julie explained.

Treating members like family 

CEO, Patrick Conway, MD, MSc, on recent trip to Customer Service Command Center.

They will also have easy access to comprehensive history about our consumers. They will be able to let the member know when it may be time for a particular exam. They could even call Uber to help set up a ride to the doctor’s office.

After all, consumers compare our service to that of Amazon or Zappos. It’s no secret that the insurance industry as a whole has lagged behind. We’re making it a focus to meet and exceed customer expectations as we roll our new programs and features.

As we move through the design phase of the Consumer Experience transition, we are capturing our vision for a Consumer Experience center that will make it easier for all consumers to do business with us.

Have a question for us? We have several ways you can contact us

  • Call the Customer Service number printed on the back of your member ID card: (888) 206-4697.
  • Use our contact form.
  • Send a message through Blue Connect.
  • Visit us at one of our retail locations.
  • Contact us by chat, phone, or email