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How to get your health insurance card to use your benefits [infographic]

By Kyle Marshall | December 8, 2016 | Healthy Lifestyle, Insurance Education

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If you purchased a BCBSNC health insurance plan, we thank you. Now that you’ve purchased a plan and made your first payment, you’re ready to become a new card-carrying BCBSNC member.

New customers often have a lot of questions about their ID Cards. We’ve tried to answer many of these questions below. If you need additional assistance call the number on the back of your insurance card or you can contact us in a variety of ways. 

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health insurance cardHow Long Does It Take to Get an ID Card?

The answer, as always, depends.

  • Did you purchase your plan directly from BCBSNC?
    You should expect to receive your card 7 to 10 days after making your payment.
  • Did you purchase your plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace?
    It will take a little longer than the standard seven to 10 days to get your card. It all depends on how quickly the Marketplace sends information to BCBSNC and whether any information is missing.

In the Meantime

A verification of coverage card will be available to you. This will serve as a temporary ID card until your permanent member ID can be issued.

enrollment-process-application-to-id-cardHow you receive your verification of coverage card will depend on whether you’re a current customer who is renewing a plan or whether you’re a brand new BCSBNC customer. There are also additional ways to access this temporary card, depending on where you purchased your plan. Here are the details:

Existing Customers

  • If you’re a current BCBSNC customer with no coverage changes, you should have received a verification of coverage in the mail with your renewal notice in October.
  • If you decide to make changes to your coverage during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), you will receive your new ID card after your first payment has been processed and enrollment is finalized.

New Customers

  • If you are a brand new BCBSNC customer and purchase your plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you may access verification of coverage at our website –
  • Did you purchase directly from BCBSNC? If so, your verification of coverage will be available as part of the online buying experience.
  • If you purchase a plan from a licensed BCBSNC agent, you can get your verification of coverage at Your agent will also have access to your verification of coverage.

Where Do I Go If I Have Questions?

If you receive your ID card and have questions about your network, coverage, payments, premiums or prescription coverage, log onto Blue Connect – our member site – to get more information or use the secure email feature to request assistance. To get answers, you can also submit an online form.

If your original ID card has incorrect information about you or your plan, send us a secure email using Blue Connect or call our Customer Service line to correct the issue and order a new ID card.

How Do I Get Additional Cards?

If you lose your ID card or want an additional copy, you can visit Blue Connect to reorder. 

Your ID card will be the key to accessing the benefits of your health insurance plan. It’s your go-to tool to get quick info about your plan and coverage, so we recommend keeping it with you at all times. But if you don’t have it when you need to get medical care, don’t worry. We’ve still got you covered.