I’m a little embarrassed to confess that virtually everything I know about lemurs has come from my niece Kaitlin and my nephew Jack – seven-year-old twins. In my defense, they are authorities on the subject of lemurs, so I’m kept well informed.

In fact, Kaitlin and Jack are authorities on a lot of subjects, reminding me of things I probably knew at one time, but in my rush to adulthood, I incorrectly deemed those things not important enough to remember.

A trip to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham gave the twins a chance to re-educate me, while also testing my knowledge with a range of probing questions. On a warm spring morning, we set our step counters to zero and headed out for some low-impact exercise.

If you’ve never been to the Museum of Life and Science before, here’s a little of what you might see – and learn.

Jack and Kaitlin: “Can we go back again?”

Yes, we’ll go back again. Meanwhile, I’ll study up on lemurs.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is a proud supporter of the Museum of Life and Science, sponsoring new trails in Hideaway Woods and the Walk of the Week, a walking program that leads visitors on educational scavenger hunts through the museum’s 84-acre woodlands. Learn more about the Walk of the Week program here.

And remember: Play outside.

Chris Privett

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