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Sort-a-Rama in the Spring Helps Solve Summer Hunger

By Chris Privett | June 3, 2015 | Corporate Citizenship

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You can assume that any event that includes “Rama” in the title is going to have a frenetic atmosphere, and the annual Sort-a-Rama hunger relief effort is always heavy on the “Rama.” Observed from a distance, Sort-a-Rama looks like a free-for-all: plastic scoops in blurred motion, bags filled and tied in a matter of seconds, heavy boxes lifted and stacked, all accompanied by a soundtrack of laughter – plenty of laughter.

But although Sort-a-Rama may look a bit chaotic, it’s actually a very organized and focused effort. Given the amount of work to be done in a relatively short time, it has to be. 

New For 2015

Sort-a-Rama has become one of the largest corporate volunteer events in North Carolina, and our employees are always eager to donate their services. At the fourth annual event – held this year in both Raleigh and Winston-Salem – volunteers sort food into family-sized bags for distribution to those in our state who don’t have enough to eat.

This year’s Sort-a-Rama was held in May rather than the traditional September date, putting a focus on the need to solve summer hunger, the period when nearly 300,000 school children have to go without breakfast or lunch meals they would normally get at school. More than 1,100 volunteers from companies around our state scooped, tied, labeled and boxed a total of 170,000 meals in Raleigh and 58,000 pounds of food in Winston-Salem – all in less than three hours.

Meeting the Need

Sort-a-Rama 2015, organized by the Food Bank of Eastern & Central North Carolina and Second Harvest, drew 240 employees of BCBSNC in Raleigh and Winston-Salem. “Every day there are people in North Carolina who wonder how they will get their next meal,” said Kat Gesh-Wilson, vice president of federal segments for BCBSNC and Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC board member. “Sort-a-Rama brings volunteers together to provide nutritious meals to those in need, fueling the health of many families and children in our communities.”

A lot of North Carolina children and families will have more to eat this summer thanks to Sort-a-Rama 2015. But three hours of “Rama” won’t solve our state’s hunger problem. If you’d like to help end hunger in North Carolina, learn more about the Food Bank of Eastern & Central NC or Second Harvest.

Check out our videos below for a front-row seat to all the excitement of the day.

Top image from Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC.