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How Networking Works at BCBSNC and Why It Matters to You

By Kyle Marshall | August 1, 2014 | Life at Blue Cross NC

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Like many companies, BCBSNC sponsors and encourages internal networks for employees who share certain interests or have things in common. Employee networks help our workforce develop a sense of community with each other, regardless of location, job or department.

There’s also a benefit that goes beyond our own 4,500 employees: Employee networks are helping us serve you better.

FlexNet, our employee network for teleworkers, allows more than 1,000 Blue Cross employees the flexibility to get their work done remotely. The ability to work from home helps us reduce administrative expenses and increase productivity, resulting in higher levels of customer service.

And YoPro, our group of young professionals, gives them a voice in helping the company engage millennials and other younger customers.

Then there’s the occasional business problem that can best be solved with the perspective of an employee network. Case in point: When BCBSNC embarked on revisions to its corporate strategy, CEO Brad Wilson set up a meeting with leaders of the employee networks to share his initial thoughts and get some early feedback. That meeting led to internal focus groups made up of employee network participants. The networks’ efforts were reflected in the strategy revisions the company ultimately adopted.

“Having the ability to tap into diversity of thought, experience and background helps us develop creative solutions to challenges,” says David Laboy, director of diversity and work life at BCBSNC and a leader of our employee networks.

In this video, Misty Burgner, manager of underwriting, describes how FlexNet helps her juggle the demands of work and home. Through the stories of employees like Misty, you get an inside look at how we work to serve our 3.8 million customers.