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From the Race 13.1 Experts: Balancing Family While Training for a Half Marathon

By James LaCorte | May 6, 2014 | Health Conditions

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Let’s be honest: running is a challenge all by itself. When you try to fit it in with all the responsibilities of working and raising a family, it can seem impossible. But it’s not! Our friends over at Race 13.1, the premier half marathon series in the Southeast, have a fantastic blog, and this post really hits home for a lot of us here who work… and run!

We’re sponsoring the Race 13.1 Series this year because we’re committed to improving the health and well-being of all North Carolinians and being a part of the community. We hope you’ll read these tips, visit the Race 13.1 blog, and sign up to participate. If you can’t make the next Race 13.1, presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, on May 18 in Greensboro, keep in mind there are many to come.

Now, for the tips:

24 hours—the great human equalizer. With spouses, kids, pets, employers, friends and extended family demanding attention, finding time to train for a half marathon might be challenging. But as Rocco Lampone said in the film Godfather II, it will be “difficult, not impossible.”

If you are finding it too demanding to fit running in to your schedule, try these suggestions:

    1. Breathe. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. A better you is a better person, spouse, parent and employee.
    2. Don’t wing it! Have a training schedule and plan the week ahead. Communicate plans with your family so everyone knows the plan.
    3. Examine your days: Look for wasted time surfing the internet and watching tv and adjust.

Without a doubt, the #1 guilt free, best time to run without any interference is while everyone is sleeping. Whether you are a morning or evening person, you lose a few zzzz’s, but no one misses you while you run. If you still can’t find extra time, you will need to get creative!

For the remainder of this post – and to find other great tips for preparing for race day – check out the Race 13.1 blog .