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Weight Loss in the Real World: Words of Inspiration from our 5 Ton Challenge Weight Warriors

By Allison Bonner | February 5, 2014 | Health Conditions

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Over the last two years, through our 5 Ton Challenge, our employees have lost a whopping 19,618 pounds. From the initial challenge from our CEO Brad Wilson, to the stunning results, we’ve documented our journey and now, we’d like to help you.

If we’ve learned one thing about adopting a healthier lifestyle, it’s that every successful journey begins with inspiration. And what’s more inspiring than the words of our Weight Warriors? They’re the champions of our cause, and great advocates for living healthier and making changes that really add up.

Read their stories to find out how the 5 Ton Challenge changed their lives, and gets tips on how it can inspire you to do the same.

Sheena Lewis: The Health Risk ChampionSheena-Lewis_WW-AFTER

On her weakness:

“I get excited and I love a real biscuit, a homemade biscuit, one that’s not perfectly round. One that’s kinda out of shape and everything. The one your grandmother just pinches off, not using a cutter or anything.”

On her scare: 

“I woke up one morning and had the jitters. So the following morning I went to the doctor’s office, and they weighed me in. At the weigh-in, it was just shocking to know that I weighed 296 pounds! And after the blood work returned, they told me I was borderline diabetic, but it could be controlled if I lost weight. That was the moment I realized… I have to do something now.”

On her success:

“I’ve lost 59 pounds, but the biggest change for me, and what I was really striving for, is the change in my health assessment. My BMI is down by 14 percent.”

Wendi_Spraker_WW-AFTERWendi Spraker: The Baby Weight Buster

On her struggles:

“I have struggled with my weight my whole entire life. From being a chubby baby, to a chubby child, and I was an athlete in high school, but I was still chubby. I did lose weight when I was in college and kept it off until I had my first baby. But with that pregnancy came a whole lot of pounds!”

On her previous attempts:

Name any diet pill – Wendi has tried it. She’s worn plastic body suits, been hypnotized and purchased countless diet and club memberships, but none of those led to the results she wanted. During her time as a Weight Warrior, and even today, she says her biggest obstacle is “right in my own head and has to do with exercise. I can think of a million excuses for not wanting to exercise because my knees hurt, I’m tired, or I don’t want to get sweaty.” But her biggest tip is that she finally realized that even if she can’t commit to an hour long work out, she DOES have time to do some form of exercise whether it’s 10 sit ups, 10 lunges, or even just a quick walk to check the mailbox.

On her Weight Warrior status:

“Making this commitment to be a Weight Warrior has changed things for my entire family because now instead of laying around and watching TV on a Sunday afternoon, we get out take our bike out, and go riding all afternoon!”

Jeremy_Wickersham_WW-AFTERJeremy Wickersham: The Family Role Model

On his relationship with his wife:

“My wife has cautioned me in a loving way, she would say, ‘Hey Jeremy, just so you know, I’ve noticed you’ve put on some weight, and just want to let you know before it gets too out of control’.”

On his worries: 

Jeremy’s three boys (ages 9,6 and 2) exemplify the meaning of “like father, like son”, and Jeremy worried that, as they grow up, his children would model their eating habits after him.

If you’re ready to take control of your health and start managing your weight, there are all kinds of resources out there to help you along the way. But most importantly, you have to figure out why you’re ready to commit to this change. Are you like Jeremy and want to take care of yourself and be a role model for your family? Are you like Sheena, and know that if you don’t make a change, your long term health could be at risk? Or are you like Wendi and ready to say no to the little voice trying to hold you back? If you’re ready to make a change check out some of these resources to help you along the way:

Be sure keep us updated on your Weight Warrior journey!