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How "One-Bill" Surgeries are Making a Difference in North Carolina

By Kyle Marshall | February 25, 2014 | Uncategorized

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Insurance billing can be a real pain — we’re the first to admit that. That’s why, with the help of Triangle Orthopaedic Associates (TOA), we’ve expanded our efforts to provide better quality care and simpler billing to our customers who are having hip or knee replacement surgeries.

Orthopedics This Week recently outlined the positive results of our collaboration in their “One-Bill Joint Surgery Growing” article. From the article:

Instead of billing separately for the surgeon, hospital, physical therapist, anesthesiologist and others, the two organizations, since 2012, have cooperated to provide for one-bill replacement surgery for knees. And on November 1, 2013, they began offering the same flat fee bundled terms for hip replacements. The surgeries are performed at North Carolina Specialty Hospital in Durham.

BCBSNC spokespersons Elaine Daniels and Lew Borman told OTW that insurers are moving away from the traditional fee for service reimbursement model to one that involves paying for a service. Both said they saw this system as the wave of the future in funding joint replacement. Daniels said that when they began paying a flat fee for knee replacements, they “expected to see positive results with this. Instead,” she said, “the results have been transformative.”

Read more over at their site.