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Beyond the Call: How Jessica Helped a Customer Resolve Bills Exceeding $57K

By James LaCorte | February 4, 2014 | Careers & Culture

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While there are hundreds of stories we could share, this one really spoke to the heart of what it means to take care of our customers. The video below profiles Jessica, one of our amazing customer service professionals, helping a struggling customer.

Like all of us here, Jessica cares deeply about our customers. Here’s how she explains her job:

“I love customer service for many reasons, but what drew me to this position was the opportunity to offer an unexpected, but very welcomed service to our members that only BCBSNC offers. It’s a truly unique job, and I have had the privilege of helping so many amazing members.”

Jessica isn’t the only one who feels this way. In fact, everything we do at BCBSNC is governed by what we call “the Four Cs”–and our entire customer service division lives it every day.

One way we do this is through an intensive 13 week customer service training program. We educate employees on customer service skills, health insurance topics, and our company culture. All three elements are critical as we serve our customers.

Employees across the company encourage each other and are expected to define everything we do by the Four C’s. We hope you’ll find them inspiring, too.

The Four C’s


I distinguish myself through superior customer focus. I am passionate about the work and service I provide. I focus on the larger good of our organization through enterprise thinking.


I trust my colleagues. I know we do our best and most important work through teamwork. I know that my personal growth and openness to new ideas will help me shape the future of North Carolina’s health care system.


I show dedication to doing my best work. I take personal accountability by having the courage to identify problems, and the vision to create solutions. I demonstrate a spirit to win by working in a responsible, professional, and ethical manner.


I know that, more than ever, embracing change is critical to our success. I focus on innovation and problem-solving. I share my ideas and seek opportunities for simplification and continuous improvement every day. Most importantly, I have a sense of urgency about transforming our company as we lead the improvement of North Carolina’s health care system.