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7 Hiking Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

Yes, it’s warm out. OK, hot. But don’t let the beginning of summer keep you from continuing to hike. You just have to be smart about the heat, pick the right places to hike, and pick the right times to go. Hot hiking tips 1. Drink! Drink, drink, drink. Hydrate before...

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Going on a Hike? Here’s What to Bring

You’re invited to a party, you have two questions: What should I wear? What should I bring? And so it goes with a hike. You’re invited, say, to one of our beginner-friendly Hike NC hikes and the same questions arise: How should I dress? What should I bring?...

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5 Ways to Track Your Health at Home

It’s a fact—maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise is one of the best ways to stay well. Being overweight or obese can put your body at risk for long-term, chronic conditions. But because each of us is different, our definition of what ‘healthy’ means...

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Warm up to the Winter Outdoors by Hiking

New Year’s resolutions to be more active are a curious thing: they’re made at the worst possible time to be active outdoors. At least it’s perceived as the worst possible time: In reality, winter is among the best times to active outside. Think about it: Would you...

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Make the First Day of 2017 Count with a Hike

New Year’s resolutions are thought to date back some 4,000 years, to Babylonia. True, the Babylonians weren’t vowing to develop rock-hard abs or drop 25 pounds by bikini season (their main goals were to repay debts and give back the stuff they had borrowed), but the...

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4 Hiking Myths Debunked

Perhaps you’ve noticed our new Hike NC statewide hiking program, seen that it’s geared toward new hikers, noticed that most of the more than 60 hikes scheduled over the next couple of months aren’t crazy long (between 2 and 4 miles), and, most significantly, taken...

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